Thursday, May 3, 2012


I'm always humbled and amazed at how well we've learned to focus on things that we perceive are problems, things that aren't making us feel good at all, things that we have absolutely no control over...

I love feeling good, don't you?  I LOVE feeling energized, frisky, hopeful, passionate, excited, content, loving, light-hearted, alive with the energy of Life pouring through me!

Once I made the commitment to myself - to focus on that which makes me feel good - many, many things began to shift in my world.  Once I began to pay attention to how I was feeling, and was determined to stay in a good-feeling place as much as I could, I began to make different choices...about the things I read, the movies or TV programs I watch, the people I reach out to, the activities I engage in...

I began to discover that the better I was feeling, the more things I discovered to feel good about!  It began to grow exponentially as I attracted to myself (Law of Attraction at work!)... the perfect book, or movie, or conversation, or experience.  I also discovered that I could no longer bear or endure feeling not-so-good for very long at all. Indulging in a "bad" mood of any sort became excruciating instead of oddly comforting. 

My sensitivity to how I am feeling has heightened so much that I am now more aware of what I'm focusing on, thinking about, paying attention to...and how I am feeling in response to whatever it is I'm giving my attention to.  With practice, I'm getting better and better at controlling the one thing I can own thoughts and feelings!  Feels good!

Each morning, as I awaken, before I even get out of bed, these are the words I say to myself:

So, today, no matter where I am, what I'm doing,  or whom I'm with...I'm going to look for things that make me feel good!

Today, I'm going to focus on those things I appreciate about my moment-to-moment life. 

If I'm having a conversation with someone, I'm going to pay attention to how I'm feeling and give my undivided attention to what makes me feel good and what I appreciate about the person I'm talking to! Also, this means I try not to complain or criticize and I try to shift the focus from talking about problems to talking about solutions.

As I move through my day, I'm going to pay attention to how I feel in my body and focus on those aspects about my physical actions and movements that I appreciate!...while working, eating, gardening, sorting through paperwork, walking, etc...I focus on what I DID accomplish, rather than what I didn't get to. I express my gratitude to my body for serving me so well, and try to be more sensitive to what my body needs, like rest or water or food!

I'm going to find things to appreciate about the weather, the folks who collect my garbage, deliver my mail, check my electric meter, the wonderful gift of hot running water as I take a shower, my beloved pets, Miss Kitty and Sir Phineas, the carpenters and workmen who help me take care of my home, etc.

When something occurs and I find myself feeling not-so-good, I'm going to attention to where my focus is, and either find a better-feeling thought about what it is I'm focused upon...or...shift my focus altogether, to something that makes me feel better.

I could go on and on...but I won't. :-)

I just wanted to plant a seed...offer a suggestion...and remind you that YOU REALLY REALLY DO LOVE FEELING GOOD!

It's a supreme act of self-love and self-appreciation to make the commitment to FEELING GOOD!  IT FEELS GOOD TO FEEL GOOD!  SIMPLE!

We want our friends to feel good.  We want our children to feel good.  We really want just about everyone to feel good...but we don't have control over that. What we DO have control over is our own minds and the thoughts we choose to focus upon! It takes practice!'s sooo worth the effort! And it's only effortful because we have such habits of focusing on things that don't make us feel good, and forget we have a choice.

And, remember...if YOU FEEL GOOD, you are in a much better state of being to influence another!  FEELING GOOD IS CONTAGIOUS!

Perhaps, the thing we all fear the most is finding ourselves feeling really really bad...and not being able to do anything to find relief!  Well...the SOURCE of TRUE RELIEF is within you...
IT IS YOU!  You have the power to choose the way you look at anything!  You have the ability and the inner guidance to, inch by inch, think better-feeling thoughts...find a better-feeling any moment in time!

Practicing the art of FEELING GOOD, the art of APPRECIATING, is practicing the art of ALLOWING GOOD THINGS TO FLOW INTO YOUR LIFE!

But most importantly, when we FEEL GOOD, when we are APPRECIATING...we are now ALLOWING the Fullness of Who We Are to flow through us and experience this life with us! 

We are powerful, energetic, vibrational beings and when we are "feeling full of ourselves"...we are literally experiencing the blending of our physical self with the greater, wiser, much older, broader perspective of our Non-physical Self...our Inner Being...our Soul.

As we let go of beliefs and habits of thoughts that do not serve us and embrace those that make us feel good, cause us to be glad to be alive, certain of our worthiness and goodness, it is much easier to find things to is much easier to look for things that FEEL GOOD.

And when we hold steadfast to the idea that LIFE IS SUPPOSED TO FEEL GOOD...(simply because that "idea" feels good!)...we begin to discover that we really can BE OR DO OR HAVE ANYTHING!  We begin to understand ourselves from the Non-physical perspective.  We begin to understand the power of our thoughts and how we are Creators of our own experience. We begin to understand why things happen as they we create the things we don't want (creating by default). 

We begin to realize that, even when in the midst of dire circumstances, we have the power to give ourselves relief, to soothe ourselves, and to feel a little better...and a little better...and even a little better than that

And, it gets even better when we begin to practice being DELIBERATE CREATORS and deliberately choose the thoughts and beliefs we want to focus upon, because they FEEL GOOD...and then watch the Laws of the Universe conspire to support we see our ideas come into manifested form!  It's thrilling!

blessings always feel good!
Carol :-)