Thursday, March 29, 2012


The only relationship that matters is your own personal relationship with Source!

Remember, you are, first and foremost, a Magnificent Vibrational Being!

Remember...there actually are TWO OF YOU!  There is the physical you that you are familiar with...the part of you that resides in a physical body with your own unique perspective of life.  There is also the Non-physical You...the vibrational energy part of you that is an extension of Source Energy...the part that some call "Soul", or "Spirit" or "Inner Being."

Most people think that they are either one or the other, but the reality is that the Source Energy you came forth from, the Non-physical part of you, still exists, even while you are here in your body!  It is constantly flowing to you!

It is the relationship between you and YOU that matters!  When the physical you is aligned and in a positive relationship with the Non-physical YOU, you are One with the Power that Creates Worlds!

When we are aligned with our Inner Being...which means we are feeling positive emotions...and we are allowing the Stream of Well-Being and Abundance that is flowing into us every day, all day.  We feel GOOD!  We feel powerful, loving, loveable, loved, free, frisky, content with what is yet eager for more, tuned in and turned on!  (or somewhere in the vicinity of these kinds of states of being)

When we are feeling less than that...not so good...we simply are separating ourselves or pinching ourselves off from that ever-present, life-giving, life-affirming vibrational energy that is our Soul, our Inner Being, our Non-physical Self. This is because, if we are thinking negative, limited thoughts, we are focused in a way that is  very different from our Inner Being. We are holding a perspective that is not in harmony with our Inner Being.
So, instead of being in a state of allowing that wonderful, nourishing Pure Positive Energy to flow into us, we are in a state of resistance and we are vibrating at a very different frequency than that of our Inner Being.

Your Inner Being is calling you "Home" to everything you desire, each and every moment!  You could think of the Non-physical part of you that is Source energy as this massive swirling, spinning, vibrational, magnetic field of Pure Positive energy that contains the power that creates worlds...a magnificent vortex of creation! (This term comes from Abraham and I love the image of Source that it creates!)  It is pure Love, pure Joy, and Infinite Intelligence! It is powerful! This is your vibrational reality...who you really are! This is the realm where you actually reside and come from and this is what you will return to when you experience your transition back into Non-physical...what we call "death".

And, this non-physical vibrational reality precedes all physical manifestation!  It is the powerful creative energy field that contains the vibrational equivalent of each and every desire you have been emanating in your requests to Source. Every preference, every dream, every wish, every prayer for positive improvement in your life, that you have ever thought, even before you came into this physical body, is contained within this vortex of creation that IS SOURCE ENERGY!  Every single bit of the physical reality that you can see, taste, touch, hear and feel, is vibrational energy.  Every single bit of what we call physical reality began as an idea, a thought, a vibration! 

AND...this vibrational reality is always present tense!  Law of Attraction is already amassing all cooperative components to your new request!  What you want is already in the process of becoming a physical reality.  In other words, what is is already old news!  The new and improved condition or situation already exists, just waiting for you to get up to speed with it...waiting for YOU  to be a cooperative component...waiting for you to align your frequency with what it is you desire!

What does this mean?  It means that every time you experience something that you know you don't want, you immediately know what you DO want and a vibrational request goes out (emanates from you) to Source!  You don't have to ask in words because you are always  communicating vibrationally! And the Source receives your vibrational request and immediately responds! 

So, when your experience is one of not having enough money, for example, you know what you don't want (lack of money) and you know what you DO want (more money)!  And if you would relax, chill out, open, trust, have faith, feel hopeful and hold a positive expectation that your request has been received and answered and is already on its way to you, evidence of more money would begin to manifest in your experience!

However, we all suffer from "what-is-itis"!  That is, our awareness of what is current in our physical experience dominates our attention....we stay focused on the balance in our checkbook, the bills that are piling up, the fact that we've never seemed to have enough money, the unfairness that others seem to have more than their fair share of money, and we can't imagine where the money is going to come from, or how, or when!  So, we're feeling mostly frustrated, worried, and where near the pure positive frequency of our Inner Being.  So, even if the money or opportunity to create more money showed up in our experience, we wouldn't be able to see it!  All we're seeing is "lack".  We are pinching ourselves off from the vibrational reality of our Source!

So, as you ponder all this, you will begin to realize why our beliefs and expectations are so very important to the creative process! 

The Law of Attraction is always busy giving us more of what we are focused upon!  So, if we do not believe in the power and love of our Inner Being...if we do not believe that our request has already been answered...

...if we, therefore, do not expect to see evidence of what we have asked for begin to show up...then, we are still focused on what we don't want and we are not vibrating on the frequency that is aligned with our Inner Being and hence, we are unable to see what is flowing into our experience.  We simply aren't tapped in, tuned in or turned on!

This is why it is so empowering to wake up each morning and say:

Today, no matter where I am, what I'm doing or who I'm with, I'm going to look for things that make me feel good! 

I'm going to look for evidence that my heart's desire is being fulfilled! 

I'm going to practice focusing on things that make me happy!

I'm going to practice imagining and feeling what I am wanting! 

I'm choosing to believe that all is unfolding perfectly. 

I'm going to chill out, relax and trust in the Goodness, the Love, the Intelligent Knowing, the Power of my Source!...or some version of this!

Now, you are in alignment with your Inner Being.
Now, you are a cooperative component to all that you desire.
Now, you will experience the profound satisfaction of deliberately creating
                                                                   your own desired experience!
Now, you're having a love affair with your Inner Being...the
                                                                                          that matters!
Blessings of Alignment!
Carol  :-)


Tuesday, March 27, 2012


A dear friend sent me the following email which inspired this post:

"I am continually amazed, horrified, surprised, name how practiced I am at negative, limiting thinking!!! We all are! It's a habit that really, really doesn't serve us anymore. It's particularly triggered when we're anxious or afraid because, after all, we are born problem solvers and it just makes sense to try very hard to anticipate anything else that could go wrong, when we're already feeling's we think!"

Staying aware of what we're thinking is almost impossible, largely due to the role of the unconscious mind. However, it is quite easy to stay aware of how you are FEELING...easy as asking yourself, "how am I feeling right now...right now...right now?" THEN, we can either milk the GOOD FEELING and bask in the deliciousness of feeling good or if we're OFF in any way...THAT's when turning our attention to whatever it is we are focused on or thinking about helps. It helps cuz, one, it really brings home the connection between our thoughts and feelings....and two, we then have a choice to either find a better-feeling thought about what we're focused on...OR...change our focus altogether in order to feel better.

Also, we're more accustomed to caring more about what we think than about what we are feeling! Even our "feeling" vocabulary is kinda sparse!  I've found it simpler to check in with myself and ask..."feels good" or "not so good".  If I become aware that I'm feeling "not so good", then I can pay attention to what is it I'm focused upon, what I'm thinking about what I'm focused upon, and reach for a better-feeling perspective.

The hardest thing to overcome (myself included always) is to remember that we are worthy of being happy...that we deserve to feel good...that we were born that way: worthy and knowing that feeling good was what it was all about...babies and small children get this. That's why it's about remembering. We already know, but in our years travelling on our physical trail...being influenced by others who were totally disconnected themselves...taking the path of least resistance which guaranteed our survival...we managed to disconnect from our own guidance system (feelings) and our own knowing (Inner Being).

Seriously, I don't ever remember anyone telling me that I was supposed to be happy...that it was okay for me to care about my own happiness! NOW it's what matters the most...and WITH PRACTICE, I'm getting better each and every day at recognizing what I'm feeling/thinking and shifting my focus or finding a better-feeling way to look at what's right in front of me!"

Feeling good really does take practice!

Caring about yourself enough to recognize that you are worthy of feeling good, deserve to feel good and want to feel good...THIS takes practice!

Hang out with children and let them be your master teachers at all this!
   (young children...up to age 5)

We arrived here on planet earth, in this time/space reality
    totally turned on, tuned in and eager for more!

I know this is what the great master teacher, Jesus, meant when he said, "Except you become as a little child, you cannot know the kingdom of heaven."  He was calling us to remember that we knew...we forgot...and now we must remember again! 

Blessings each and every moment!
Carol  :-)

p.s.  With gratitude to Susan...for caring and sharing!

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Usually, when we talk about faith, we're referring to faith in a religious sense like God or some Higher Power, faith in a particular person, or faith
in something happening.  So, in the old paradigm of thinking, "faith" is believing in something not yet seen...something for which we have no evidence. It's as if we come up with an idea that feels good, about something or someone...then choose to believe it and then hope for evidence. So faith can serve us simply as a belief in something/anything... that makes us feel good!

Instead of asking yourself to believe in something not yet seen, I'm inviting you to try "seeing" with your emotions!  If you go very general and choose to have faith in your own Goodness and in the Positive Potentiality of Life

It feels so delicious, wonderful, and empowering to have faith in your own Goodness and in the inherent positive capacity of Life!  It feels soothing and restful and filled with ease. You are Good and Life is Good.  Then, you get to watch everything will fill in with specifics just for you.  The Universe, through the Law of Attraction, will bring you an abundance of evidence of your goodness, your worthiness, your pure positive potential! As a result, your FEELINGs of GOODNESS will deepen and expand.  These good feelings will broaden to include others as you recognize their Goodness and their Potential.

I have great faith in the goodness of Life!  It makes me happy to trust that life is supposed to feel good, even when it doesn't.  It makes me happy to have faith that there is meaning in things that happen...a bigger context into which I can put certain situations or that no matter what is going on, I can relax and trust in the goodness of life, even when it is not apparent.

I enjoy seeing the glass as half-full if it is something yummy and half-empty if it is yucky-tasting medicine.  I love being optimistic and looking for the brighter side of things, turning the prism of my mind, choosing a perspective that makes me feel good!  In short, I've grown to LOVE FEELING GOOD!

Before I knew what I now know...when I couldn't begin to understand why terrible things were happening to others or myself, it always felt better to have faith that there was a reason...and a good one, at that! Often I didn't know what that reason was, but I had faith that things were always unfolding in a way that created an opportunity for me to grow and become more than I thought I was...I was not a victim.  I learned to ask, "Why is this happening FOR me? instead of "Why is this happening to me?"

When we have faith in our own Goodness and in the Potential of Life, we can choose to trust that the answer to our questions and wonderings is being offered and we can allow for the possibility that we  just can't see, or hear, or intuit it...yet.  

Maybe we aren't ready and up to speed vibrationally for the answer (still feeling badly about what was happening or happened)...or maybe it isn't yet time for us to know.  It becomes an opportunity to deepen our faith!

Sometimes we can't receive the "answer" because we are busy focusing on the "problem" or the "question".  Focusing on the problem or question has a very different and much lower frequency than the vibration created by focusing on the "solution" or the "answer".  My favorite and most simple example of this is when we lose something, like our glasses, and, convinced they are "lost", we search high and low and still can't find them.  It's not until we stop focusing on the idea that we have lost our glasses that they show up, often in a place where we had already looked, several times!  As long as we were believing that they were lost, we couldn't "see" them!

Choosing to have faith in the ultimate Goodness of Your Self and Life takes you to a really good-feeling of comfort and a peaceful ease and flow. It's the kind of faith that is the emotional basis of feeling worthy, capable, confident, competent.  Faith in your own Goodness and Potential becomes thrilling because you get to watch the convergence of people, places, situations and, as the Universe orchestrates your rendezvous with things that match those good-feeling vibrations that you've got going! 

What do you have faith in?  It's worth pondering.

What we believe forms the basis of all our thinking and therefore, of our vibration!   Our emotions are the feeling response we are having to the thoughts we are thinking.  When we have faith in good things, when we believe in goodness, we can feel good even when the evidence hasn't shown up yet!  And we get to watch as Universal Law of Attraction brings us experiences that match the vibration of what we have faith in, what we believe in...all the exceptions!

It feels indescribably delicious to have Faith in yourself and in your connection to your Inner Being, your Soul, your Source! 

Faith becomes Knowing - Knowing the Goodness, the Power, the Love of your own Inner Being that is You! 

Having Faith is a gift of Love that you courageously give to yourself! one can take it away from you!






YOU ARE FREE! free that you can choose to believe anything you want!
             free that you can choose to have faith in anything you want!

blessings abound,
Carol  :-)


Wednesday, March 21, 2012


"The Blossoming"...a poem

Consider the sweetness with which the Springtime comes
Ever so gently, with an endless patient strength,
Awaiting the warmth and Light of the Sun.
Contained within itself
All that is needed
To bring forth all the loveliness.
The bulb rests in the cold, dark, hardened soil,
Open, allowing the warmth to penetrate
Stirring the juices of aliveness,
What appears as a pushing, an efforting to become
Is but the sweetest allowing...
A surrender into being the blossom that it is,
Letting itself be pulled to the surface,
Wooed by the Light,
Reaching, stretching, giving in to the changing of its form,
Softening, opening, growing, expanding,
Not knowing what it is becoming,
Yet trusting in that which is drawing it upward, outward
Until, in perfect time, a grand explosion into Being!        
A daffodil!

Consider the sweetness with which your Inner Being moves,
Ever so gently, with an endless patient strength,
Awaiting your tender "yes",
Your relaxing and opening to its magnificence.
Contained within Itself
All that is needed
To bring forth the Loveliness that is You!
Resting deep within you
The very warmth and Light of Love,
The very Source of nourishment and sustenance ,
Abiding quietly within,
Ever-so-gently inviting, coaxing, wooing
The Pure Positive Energy of your "bulb-ness"
To open and soften.
To allow it's Light and warmth to stir your juices
Reaching, stretching, growing, expanding,
Not yet knowing what you are becoming,
Yet trusting in That Which is drawing you upward and outward
Until, in perfect time, a grand explosion into Being!
An Inner Blossoming of your own "daffodil-ness"!
Oh Joy!

Transformational Blessings!
Carol  :-)

Friday, March 16, 2012


This song, "The Greatest Love of All"...a most beautiful gift!

I believe the children are our future
Teach them well and let them lead the way
Show them all the beauty they possess inside
Give them a sense of pride to make it easier
Let the children's laughter remind us how we used to be
Everybody searching for a hero
People need someone to look up to
I never found anyone who fulfilled my needs
A lonely place to be
So I learned to depend on me

I decided long ago, never to walk in anyone's shadow
If I fail, if I succeed
At least I live as I believe
No matter what they take from me
They can't take away my dignity
Because the greatest love of all
Is happening to me
I found the greatest love of all
Inside of me

The greatest love of all
Is easy to achieve
Learning to love yourself
It is the greatest love of all

And if by chance, that special place
That you've been dreaming of
Leads you to a lonely place
Find your strength in love!

Love is who and what you are!

When you are being who and what you are, you are vibrating at the a deliciously high frequency...If it seems difficult to achieve, instead of "easy", it's only because we are more practiced at being critical and hard on ourselves, or feeling unworthy, or guilty, or some other silly idea we've gotten stuck on.

So, when you become aware that you are not being loving or kind or tender to yourself, celebrate that you are aware of how you are being, and then ask yourself, "What would Love or Kindness or Tenderness say to me?"..."What would Love do?"

                       and you'll always know...

Once you'll always know!

Carol  :-)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Your "vibrational response"...what you're thinking and most importantly, feeling about your current physical condition is the essence of your own self-healing power! 

Imagine that you are going for a routine check-up at the doctor's office.  You know that you are going to have your blood pressure taken.  You are anxious about this because of many of the collective beliefs held and strongly transmitted by the media, as well as beliefs you've picked up along the way...
Perhaps, someone, a friend or a relative already has high blood pressure.
Perhaps you believe in the theory that it's all in the genes.
Perhaps you are of the "age" when high blood pressure is believed to be a common occurrence. 
Perhaps you are thinking of the things you are presently doing (diet, lack of exercise, etc.) that we've been taught to believe inevitably cause high blood pressure. 
Or, perhaps you view yourself as healthy but know that the purpose of the examination is to find out if anything is wrong with you, and since you believe that what they are looking for, they will're anxious!

So, now, you are told that your blood pressure is high! Further, now that our blood pressure tested high, you are told to monitor your blood pressure by taking it regularly. Now, you are very focused on your blood pressure and  having anxious, fearful, frustrated feelings about your body! Since you get what you think about or focus upon, you are now attracting experiences which reflect the negative feelings you are emanating...more evidence of high blood pressure!

When you really understand that you are first and foremost a Vibrational Being...

and when you really understand that your thoughts and the feelings you are having about what it is you are focused upon determine the vibrational frequency that you are emitting...

and when you realize that the Universal Law of Attraction is bringing to you experiences that match your dominant vibrational frequency...

and when your dominant intention is to tune your vibrational frequency to that of the Source Within you (Love, Joy, Limitlessness, Peace, etc.) ...

and when you understand and decide that nothing is more important than feeling good and focusing on good-feeling thoughts...

YOU will provide the perfect basis for your cells to thrive!

However, we've been well-trained to rely on solutions outside of ourselves.  We've been well-trained to notice the symptoms, analyze our physical condition, and then look to someone else to prescribe a medicine to take.  This is the medical model that we are most familiar with. Now, let's be clear...I am NOT saying there is anything wrong with that model...especially when you whole-heartedly believe that the prescribed medicine, no matter what form it takes, will help you move in the direction of well-being! 

What I AM saying is that YOU have a much bigger part to play in your own health and well-being than you may know!  There is so much available knowledge about the mind-body connection, biofeedback technology, the power of positive thinking and the wonderful ideas of holistic medicine that encourage treating and empowering the person who has the disease instead of merely treating the disease that has the person.

However, we all have a habit of thinking that our well-being depends on something external to ourselves...and so we manifest evidence that this is true!  Our anxiety about our physical condition is heightened further by the numerous and unpredictable side-effects of the prescribed medicine as well as our beliefs in the inevitability of sickness and our need for health insurance.  We've been well-trained to feel powerless and afraid when it comes to our very own personal relationship with the well-being our physical body! 

It's so important to understand that: 
...when you are in alignment and in communication with your Inner Being, with Source Energy,
...when you keep your focus on that which makes you feel good,
hopeful, empowered,
...the cells of your physical body know exactly what to do in order to maintain or re-establish balance.

We call it miraculous, but if we are not getting in the way...not indulging in negative, resistant emotional energy which pinches us off...this magnificent, powerful, life-giving Stream of Well-Being is flowing into us every single minute, with every single breath we take!  The intelligence contained within our cells is limitless!

You could think of dis-ease (lack of ease) as an "indicator" that we are experiencing enough vibrational discord (negative feelings in some areas of our life, and have been for quite some time), for it to show up (manifest in form) as imbalance in our physical body.  Even worrying and fretting and trying to control different aspects of our lives creates a kind of chronic vibrational discord that greatly weakens our immune system.

The Non-physical Source Energy within us...our Inner Being... is not worried or fretting!   It knows that ALL IS WELL! 

And even though doctors prescribe medicine that cures one ailment in a patient, unless the vibrational relationship between the physical Being (patient) and Source Energy is considered...and the resistance/negativity that disallowed the flow of Well-being to begin with is not released, it will show up in the form of another disease! 

So...consider this:  If you aren't busy thinking negative/resistant/limiting/ thoughts, because of their connection to the intelligence of Source Energy (the Energy that Creates Worlds!), your cells are receiving up-to-the-minute guidance about keeping your physical body healthy!

So, no matter what physical condition/ailment you have,
                                 conduct your own experiment in healing yourself! 

Pay attention to what you are thinking about your situation...your own opinions, beliefs, expectations, etc. 

Pay attention to how your thoughts about your situation make you feel!

Reach for a better-feeling way to view your situation...

Change your thoughts (frequency)...and watch what happens!

Blessings of Well-being and Abundance,
Carol  :-)

Friday, March 9, 2012


Your magnificent body exists because of the intelligence in your cells.
The intelligence of your cells exists because of their Connection to Source Energy!

Isn't it great that, for the majority of our bodily functions, we really don't have to think at all?  We don't have to pump the blood through our veins or remember to breathe or plan our elimination of waste.  It's nothing short of amazing how well the body functions, in spite of us! :-)

Of course, when you feel good in your physical body, it is much easier to have an enjoyable, good-feeling physical experience of life! But, now that you are aware of the Law of Attraction and the powerful vibrational energy contained in your thoughts, finding good-feeling things to focus upon and staying aligned with your Inner Being, assists your cells in doing their jobs!  Giving your attention to what makes you feel good is the most effective way to provide the opimum environment for unhindered cellular communication and a good-feeling body!

When you're happy, your body is happy!    When our vibration is predominantly negative and resistant, we are pinching ourselves and our bodies off from the Stream of Well-Being.  Our cells are meant to thrive!

Your physical body is the perfect reflection of not only your predominant thoughts about it, but your thoughts about everything else as well.  Every thought we think produces a vibrational ripple that travels through each and every cell.  Negative thoughts produce vibrational discord that interferes with the cells receiving the Source-level intelligence and guidance they need. 

So, just as we know it's a good idea to drink water at the first sign of thirst, maintaining your well-being, avoiding's a great idea to change our thoughts at the first sign of negative emotion!  It's important to remember that a negative or resistant thought literally pinches off the Source-level Flow of Well-being to the cells themselves. We often allow ourselves to withstand negative emotion for quite long periods of time ("moods"), but this is really not optimal for the cells of our body!  The body becomes vulnerable to dis-ease...lack of ease!  (vibrational discord) Remember, if we're feeling negative emotion, it means we are not in alignment with our Inner Being, and we are not viewing whatever it is that has our attention through the eyes of Source! 

But, what happens when we are suffering from some physical illness? Because we are such great problem solvers and because we have been trained to stay focused on the problem at hand, we are often unaware of how powerful the body/mind connection is!  When we are experiencing a physical ailment, we tend to let our physical conditions dictate our mental attitude and emotional state of being.  So when we are thinking about our ailment, we are often experiencing anxiety, frustration, worry, anger, or fear.  We want evidence of an improved physical condition so that we can feel better!  We want the body to feel better so that we can feel better!

It actually works just the opposite! If you can find a way to feel-better even though you are in pain, even though your body doesn't feel good, your cells, because of their connection to Source Energy, know exactly what to do to re-establish balance in the body.  In the absence of negative, resistant thought, your body's cells are very busy, receiving up-to-the-moment guidance and instruction from Source Energy to bring the entire system back into perfect thriving and well-being.

So...what to do?  If you just can't find a better-feeling thought about your predicament, get your attention off the pain, off the illness.  Distract yourself!  Find something pleasing that you can focus your attention on that will begin to elevate your frequency and have you feeling better...even though the pain or the illness is still very much in evidence.  Move your attention to what is working about your body, your life...what you can appreciate about right here and right now!  Now, you are moving your physical self in the direction of alignment with your Non-physical Source-Level Being!

Stay tuned in...more to come on Physical Well-Being...

Blessings always,  Carol 

Monday, March 5, 2012


When we change our perspective, what we're looking at changes!
When we change our frequency, we change what is!

This seems so hard to do when what we're focused on is not at all what we want!  We're well trained to believe that if we just keep our attention on what it is we don't want...keep focused on the problem...that we will be able to change what is.  But, the more we stay focused on WHAT IS, the more the Universal Law of Attraction will bring to us more of What is! 

So, here we are...we're observing what it is that we don't want and having feelings about it.  Those feelings are the basis of the frequency we are emitting, so the Law of Attraction brings us more experiences that are on the same or similar frequency.  Then we observe more of what is, and based on what we are observing (more of what we don't want), we are emanating a vibration that the Law of Attraction responds to. And round and round we go!

This is why whatever we think about long enough always becomes True!  Whatever we are focused upon...thinking about, having feelings about...after a period of time...manifests or comes into form right before our eyes...and we proclaim..."see I was right!"

Now, don't worry.  It's not like the moment you have a thought, it begins to manifest!  There's a wonderful buffer of time for you to realize that the thoughts you are thinking do not feel good so that you can change them to better-feeling thoughts! 

But, if you keep 'beating the drum' of "I don't like it!  I don't want it! It's not right!  It's not fair! It shouldn't be that way!..."...Well, now you have quite a strong negative signal that you are sending out to the Universe.  Now, the emotional energies of frustration, anger, sadness, anxiety, etc. become the field of energy emanating from you and the Universe responds with more of what you don't want! The Universal Law of Attraction is absolutely dependable and reliable! :-) soon as you realize what you don't want, you immediately know what you do want!  Turn your complete attention to WHAT YOU DO WANT! 

Use your imagination and visualize what it is you are wanting to create.  But here is the most important part:  IMAGINE how you will FEEL when what it is you really really want actually manifests! 

An example:  When little ones know that their birthday is coming and they might get the exact present they had been asking for, the energy that emanates from them is their emotional energy because they are already imagining how happy they will be when they open the present! 

It's so important to remember that it's the feelings that are generated by what it is we are focused upon that create our experience.  When we were sitting in school and the teacher and subject matter was really, really boring, we day-dreamed and imagined ourselves somewhere else, doing something else...producing feelings of contentment.  We knew to take our attention OFF of what was and put it on something that would bring us relief.

If you just can't stop thinking about WHAT IS, then,  try to DISTRACT YOURSELFShift your focus to something that you feel good about and spend time basking in those thoughts and experiences.  Move your attention away from that which is troubling you.  Why?  Because this will cause your frequency to rise!  This will bring you into closer alignment with your Inner Being

Think of your Inner Being as the Field of Pure Positive Energy where the solution is! The frequency of the problem is very very very different from the frequency of the solution! The problem and the solution are in two very different places, vibrationally-speaking.  So, you've got to do whatever it takes to move yourself up the emotional scale so that your frequency matches the solution!  In short, you have to get yourself back to FEELING GOOD...about SOMETHING....ANYTHING!

Try practicing this on those things in your life that you don't have a great deal of passion or intensity about.  Start out with what you can be easy and light-hearted finding your missing glasses or car keys.

Changing what is requires a change in your frequency!  Remember, we get what we're focused upon!  If we keep beating the drum of "I'm afraid that will happen!"...we get exactly that which we are afraid of!  We always are getting what matches our vibrational energy on whatever subject we are focusing on!

If you're feeling really low, don't try to make big leaps, like from sadness to joy.  It's too big of a change in frequency and it won't work!  This is the reason most of us don't believe any of this works.  We've been trying to make too big of a jump. 

Just reach for one better-feeling thought at a time, like..."I don't have to do anything this red hot minute...or...I know this feeling won't last forever...or I really do appreciate that I know, when I'm ready, I can shift my focus to something else...or I really want a different way to look at this."  Then, watch how the Universal Law of Attraction brings you more and more better-feeling thoughts and you start moving up the emotional scale.

Be gentle with yourself. You ARE where YOU ARE!

It's about learning how to tenderly accept What Is first!
It's about learning how to genuinely soothe to gently to open and soften to what is, first within, then without.
If where you are is feeling sad, scared and powerless,  reach for better-feeling thoughts that will move you up to revenge, then anger, then frustration...on to feeling overwhelmed, then more determined, then optimistic! Realize with each feeling of relief comes a greater sense of empowerment. When you reach "hopeful", you are right on the threshold of lining up with the Unconditional Love, the Limitless Compassion, Infinite Intelligence that you really are! Now, you are feeling powerful and able to deliberately create from that place of alignment and Oneness with your Source Energy!

It's also about embracing the often stunning contrast (everything you don't like or don't want) of this space/time reality and allowing yourself to recognize that all your preferences are born out of contrast!  The experience of what you don't want or like causes preferences to be born within you and you now gain the clarity and passionate desire to create what it is you really want.  When we know what we don't want, we automatically know what we DO want!
Now, hold your focus on that and remember...  

You came here to this leading edge, time/space reality, that is filled with endless variety and contrast, to be the powerful deliberate creator that you are!

WHAT IS  is always changing and becoming SOMETHING ELSE, SOMETHING BETTER...because YOU are always changing, expanding and becoming...and as You, here in this physical body...You, the emissary from Source Energy, expand...Source Itself expands! This is the eternal, never-ending-ness, forever-nature of Life!

And that's why we're here...for the thrill of expansion...for the thrill of discovering that we have everything we need, within, to be or do or have anything!  We just forgot.  Now we're remembering!

It just takes a little practice and a deep desire to fulfill your true feel good, to be happy, fulfilled, satisfied with what is and yet eager for more! 

You Are, in your fullest expression, Joy!...right here, right now!  Remember?  And when you are shining your Light, the entire planet benefits, as does each person who crosses your path!

Blessings, Carol :-)

Thursday, March 1, 2012


So, just for a moment, let's focus on the experience of energy! Think about being around very happy, playful, over-the-top exuberant children. Imagine you have been assigned the task of drawing what their energy looks like on a seismograph (like the kind they use to monitor the intensity of earthquakes). This extremely joyful energy (high, high frequency) would have very high, pointy peaks, very close together, very dramatic, yes? Then, imagine being around someone who is depressed, despondent, or extremely sad and imagine drawing what their energy would look like. It would not have spikey peaks and deep low valleys, but rather slowly undulating, low rounded curves, far apart. Can you picture this?

Think about your own sensitivity to energy. You are aware of when your energy is high and when it is low, aren't you?  You can often sense others' energy even before you see or hear anything. You can feel your own or others' or even your pet's energy change. We call this change in energy, "moods" or "attitudes". You can also sense the energy of your environment, whether it's a room you walk into or a place in Nature.  Life in physical form is manifested energy! And we have wonderful senses that interpret this energy all the time(talked about in my previous post). We also have what we call "intuition", which is our sixth sensory "energy interpreter".

We experience emotional energy, or feelings with each and every thought we have about each and every experience we have. The stronger the thoughts, the stronger our feelings. I really encourage you to become sensitive to how you are feeling about what you are thinking. Stop and ask yourself often, "how am I feeling right now?"  "How does that thought FEEL?" Pay attention to your "mood".  Try and at least get a sense of whether you are feeling good or less than good...and begin to expand your vocabulary to describe your feeling states of being. And then, look at what you are focused on or thinking about. The connection between your thoughts and feelings will become very apparent...and very important. Stay with me....

Now, we've learned to think that we are having certain feelings because of something that is occuring outside ourselves. We feel a certain way and we look for what has caused or is responsible for this feeling. So, if we are happy, we think we are happy about x,y, or z. If we are sad or angry or fearful, we think we are having these feelings because of x,y, or z. comes the really, really GREAT part....

Your emotions actually are a wonderful inner guidance system, designed to give you on-going feedback about how the relationship between you and You is doing...between the physical part of You and your Nonphysical Inner Being. Your emotions are telling you how closely aligned your frequency is with that of your Inner Being!

Your Inner Being is vibrating at a very high, high, high (!) frequency of Unconditioinal Love, Pure Joy, Infinite Knowing, and Limitless Creative PowerWhen you are feeling happy, eager, excited, hopeful, positive, etc., you are within range of that wondrous Source-level  Pure Positive Energy. You are aligned with the Energy That Creates Worlds! When you are feeling unhappy, frustrated, overwhelmed, worried, sad, frightened, etc. you are very, very far apart, vibrationally, from your Inner Being.

When you are being critical of yourself or others and you feel bad, your frequency is way out of whack! Why?    Because your Inner Being Loves Unconditionally...without any conditions! Your Inner Being ADORES YOU and everyone else. So if you are thinking thoughts about yourself that are generating feelings of unworthiness, your Inner Being cannot and will not join you at that frequency!  Your negative feelings are reflecting the gap you are experiencing between you and You.

You're feeling bad because your Inner Being is calling you home to Joy, home to Love...and you aren't letting yourself go!
When you are feeling any kind of negative emotion, it means that Your Inner Being has a very different perspective about whatever it is that you are focused upon or thinking about! 

Often, if I'm feeling a bit "off", I stop and look at what I'm focused on and then open myself to considering the question, "How might my Inner Being be looking at this? What would a Source-level perspective be? I want to look at this through the eyes of Love!

With your own wonderful, brilliant emotional guidance system, you are able to be constantly aware of how your relationship with your Inner Being is doing. You are able to make an adjustment in your own focus, which is as easy as choosing to think a better-feeling thought about whatever you are presently experiencing! You are free to focus in a way that brings you relief and makes you feel better. And just wanting to think a better-feeling thought activates the Law of Attraction, and good-feeling thoughts start to multiply! 

Your Inner Being is always calling you towards joyful well-being!   You are free to, thought by thought, come into alignment with your own Pure Positive Source Energy, creating a state of being that is tuned in, turned on, and filled with positive energy. You are free to choose happiness!
You are free to look for things that feel good, no matter what!

It's one thing to have something wonderful or not so wonderful come into your life experience and have no clue how or why it came to be. This is "creating by default".  We're doing it most of the time. We're not aware of our vibration and what we are attracting into our experience. 

BUT...It is so absolutely deliciously exhilarating to KNOW that you have been deliberately lining up vibrationally with something that you really, really want, eagerly anticipating it, hanging out in the vibration of abundant hope and expectancy, imagining how happy you will be when it manifests...and then...have it show up in your experience! 

Have FUN with all this!  I often play the game "Wouldn't it be nice if...?"  I think about all kinds of positive things I'd like to experience in my reality and then I watch for them to show up.  And when they do, I say..."I did that!"

Blessings, Carol  :-)