Wednesday, April 25, 2012


When we hear about or come face to face with another's suffering, especially someone close to us, often our first emotional reaction is one of sadness, overwhelm, anxiety or even powerlessness.  Our heart's response is one of compassion as we feel another's suffering as if it were our own. 

Common statements I often hear are, "Oh, I feel so bad for her...", or "I'm so worried/concerned about him...", or "I feel so sorry for her...".  And, at first, that IS how we are feeling. 

What we don't realize is that the energy from thoughts such as those, is now emanating/radiating out from us towards the person we are focused upon!  THAT is not helpful to them!

Not only that, but by continuing to dwell on those negative emotions, we now form our own personal point of attraction, and begin drawing into our experience (Law of Attraction) more things to feel badly about, concerned about, or worried about! 

We have been trained to believe that "commiserating" (co-misery) is kind and compassionate.  We have a habit of playing the game, "ain't it awful", joining others in a litany of all the things that are going wrong, might go wrong, or have gone wrong in the past!  We spend a great deal of time talking, blogging, emailing about "what is"...and forget that we are magnificent deliberate creators with Source-level powers of imagination and visualization and intention. 

Unfortunately, we have come to believe that these negative kinds of responses are inevitable...and they may well be...for a moment!  Of course, we feel badly when things aren't going well for a loved one.  And depending on circumstances, we may not know what we can actually do to comfort.  We are, by nature, very action-oriented beings!  We have, afterall, come here to create, to manifest, to DO! 

But, let me remind you that you are not a "human DOING" are a human BEING!

You are a magnificent vibrational Being who creates with the power of THOUGHT!

Your "being-ness" (state of being) precedes and determines all of your doings!   

"Vibrational Reality" precedes all manifested reality! 

Energy (ideas, thoughts, beliefs) precedes all form!  First, we have an idea or a thought, then we think more about those thoughts, and eventually those thoughts become what we call physical reality!

This is why it is much easier when we allow ourselves to be inspired into action, rather than motivated.  When we are inspired, we are aligned with Spirit, our Inner Being, we are allowing all the Love and Power of the Universive to pour into us and we are being moved from within to effortless action. When we are tuned in, turned on, excited about what it is we want to do, our doing becomes so much easier...we are "in the flow"!

So, rather than wrapping negative energy (thoughts and feelings) around yourself or your loved one, practice taking the time to first, find better-feeling thoughts and begin to close the gap between the physical aspect of yourself (human) and your larger Non-physical Self (Your Spirit, Soul, Inner Being).  Reach for the perspective of Source-level Energy.  You are seeking a way to look at your loved one that matches the way Source is looking at him or her.  You are wanting to align yourself with that eternal Stream of Well-Being and Abundance and Love which is flowing into each and every one of us, all day, every day!

We are, by our very nature, uplifters, helpers, and problem-solvers.  And we certainly don't like the suffering and apparent tragedies or even just the hard times that  seem to befall our friends, family members, and loved ones.  THAT is NOT WHAT WE WANT!  And so, from these contrasting experiences, we really do become crystal clear about WHAT WE DO WANT!  If someone we know is sick, we want WELLNESS for them!  If someone we know has a problem, we want SOLUTIONS for them!  If a loved one doesn't have enough money, or food, or shelter, we want ABUNDANCE in all these things...for them...for everyone!

So, the next time you hear about the misfortune of another, see if you can't pause and remember that you are a magnificent vibrational being and bask in the knowing that the energy of your positive, hopeful, good-feeling thoughts is a powerful way to help another... 

Practice shifting your focus away from their misfortune and visualize, imagine, think about, focus upon what it is you want for them...see them as healthy and happy, open to the flow of love and well-being and abundance...

Imagine the positive energy of those loving, empowering, hopeful, encouraging thoughts enveloping your loved one or friend and a soft smile appearing on their face, as they feel the love and well-being pouring into them.

Focus on the positive aspects of your loved one, seeing them as strong and clear-minded, passionately desiring well-being, abundance or a solution to their problem.  Focus on their past successes or see them healthy and happy in the future.  Find positive aspects of their predicament. Focus on what is working, instead of what isn't.  Find things to appreciate!  And then, from that state of being aligned with your Non-physical Self, encourage your loved ones to do the same!

As you stay determined to look for things that make you feel good, and encourage your friend or loved one to do the same, you are truly helping them!  You are tending to your own vibration by keeping your own light shining brightly and steadily, so that the energy emanating from you is positive, empowering, uplifting and inspiring. 

Remember, Source never joins us in our worried, concerned, negative states of being!  Source is forever calling us Home to our natural state of being as unconditionally loving, joyous, powerful creators! 

As you hold your loved one as the object of your positive attention, the Stream of Well-being and Abundance in All Things is flowing into you and radiating from you, and they will benefit from your very presence and your loving gaze.  Rather than being part of or adding to the problem, you are now truly a conduit for the solution!

Blessings of Well-being and Abundance,
Carol :-)

Monday, April 16, 2012


For those of you who are "new" to my blog, I just want to suggest that you go back to the beginning of my blog and read the first February and March posts!  It may help you understand better what I'm talking about!  :-) 

This blog is meant to empower you!  It is meant to give you a whole new way of thinking about your life, your self, and the experiences that you are attracting!

This blog is meant to inspire you!  It is designed with your happiness in mind
It is meant to provide you with ideas and thoughts to ponder and explore to see if they resonate with you and generate good feelings within!  Most importantly, the ideas are meant to be tried out You!  Until you actually put the ideas into practice, it all remains theoretical and will not change your frequency or change your life!

This blog is meant to uplift you!  It is an offering of hope!  It's purpose is to share a whole new paradigm that will shift you from feeling vulnerable to the events, people, circumstances and experiences that surround feeling hopeful, determined and encouraged to discover the power of your own thoughts and begin to deliberately create a better-feeling life! 

This blog is meant to bring your attention to how you are feeling, every single moment!
Your feelings serve as wonderful indicators of what you are in the process of attracting into your life.  Negative feelings mean that your point of attraction is...well...negative!  Positive feelings let you know that you are moving in the direction of alignment with your Inner Being, your Pure Positive Source Energy.  Positive feelings also indicate that you are in the process of allowing the Universal Law of Attraction to bring to you experiences, people, circumstances and things that match your positive vibration. 

Our emotions are an amazing and accurate internal guidance system. They are a gift from Source so that in each and every moment, we are being guided as to whether we are moving towards or away from alignment (Oneness) with Source Energy.  We can never, ever actually be separate from Source (our Inner Being)...but we can pinch ourselves off in such a way that we can't experience that delicious, empowering, joyful loving energy.  We all know that "negative place", especially when life brings us something we really don't like or want and we react with negative emotion.  It feels like things just aren't going our way...and we're angry or sad or overwhelmed, or anxious, etc. and feeling very alone. This is when it matters the most that you have decided that you want to feel better and begin to reach for better-feeling thoughts about whatever it is you are focused upon!

Now, just to be clear, it's not about never having negative emotions!  That's an inevitable part of participating in the human experience and absolutely necessary for expanision of the Universe to take place!  Experiencing all the variety and contrast that this time/space reality offers lets us know what we do and don't sparks desire!   And when we are recognizing our feelings...positive or negative...those feelings let us know how our relationship between our physical self and our nonphysical  Source-level Self is doing!  Negative feelings can be utilized as an early warning system that's telling us to pay attention to whatever it is we are focused upon and choose better-feeling thoughts so that the frequency that we are emanating shifts in a more positive direction, hence, improving our point of attraction.

The Universal Law of Attraction that I've talked about is a wonderfully reliable, dependable and consistent Source-level law! (just like the Law of Gravity)  It is the most important mechanism to understand with regard to the creative process.  It basically says that "that which is like unto itself is drawn." Or...birds of a feather flock together....birds meaning our thoughts!  All day, every day, we are having all kinds of life experiences...and we are sifting and sorting through them, deciding what we don't want and what we do want.  When we focus on what we DO WANT..."I want THAT!"...we emanate a vibrational request to Source...this is our vibrational or energetic communication...asking for what we want!  It doesn't need to be verbalized consciously!  Source receives our request and immediately fulfills it...VIBRATIONALLY!  Ask and it is given! 

Since, everything that we think we want, we want because we believe that in the having of it, we will feel happier...our work is to relax and bask in the knowing that the vibrational equivalent of what we want is poised to come into manifestation.  Vibrational Reality precedes all physical reality...everything begins as an idea and ideas are energy! And Source has already "heard" our request and has responded!  However, in order to for us "see it, taste it, touch it, hear it", we must be in the vibrational proximity of that which we have asked for!

Being in the "vibrational proximity" means focusing in ways that generate good-feeling emotions...moving us closer and closer to the frequency of the Pure Positive Energy of Source.  Imagining how we will feel when we get what we want is a great way to shift your frequency so that it matches what it is you have asked for.  I will remind you that everything that IS in physical form...everything that we experience in physical it good health, more money, a lover, a job...all began as an idea.!  That's the energetic description of an "idea".... "vibrational reality"!  An idea is energy vibrating!  And the more we focus on an idea, the stronger the vibration, the stronger the pulse being generated.  So, the more you really, really, really want something, the stronger your desire, the stronger the pulse of vibrational reality! 

So, as you read my blog, and resonate with what I'm sharing, I urge you to try it all out!

Decide that no matter where you are, what you're doing, or whom you're with, you will
focus on that which makes you feel good!

Spend a day looking for things to appreciate and see what happens! 

Make a conscious decision to practice asking yourself how you are feeling many many times during the day...get familiar with your own emotional range...your happiness quotient!

Practice focusing on things that make you feel good!

Practice finding better-feeling thoughts/perspectives when you are feeling "bad".

Let go of beliefs (thoughts you keep thinking) that don't serve you and don't feel good!

Pay attention to the connection between your thoughts about whatever you're focusing on and how you are feeling.

Bask and let yourself have a break! 
                                                             Relax and tell yourself "All is Well".
                                                                                                                           Be easy! 
                              Delight in your breath...and the gift of Life!

You deserve to feel good!
You deserve to experience the joy of shining your Light!

Blessings each and every moment,
Carol  :-)

Monday, April 9, 2012


Today, , April 9, 2012, Phineas and I are celebrating our one-year anniversary!

He's almost 14 months old and my little big-boy weighs 105 pounds! I just have to share my earliest experiences with him because they taught me so much about staying in alignment with Source's perspectivethe awesome power of our thoughts and the Universal Law of Attraction and especially about how we really can deliberately create the experiences we so deeply desire!  The first few days with him were filled with such contrast...moments of the sweetest delight and joy mixed with utter horror and dread!  Well, I might be being a bit overly-dramatic, but, to be honest, I really had to put into practice everything I had come to know and believe about how the laws of the universe work!  Here's our story...

I had been thinking alot about getting another dog after my beloved Brutus, a bullmastiff/labrador mix had made his transition into the Non-physical realm. I missed the wonderful presence of dog-energy and really wanted another bullmastiff.  I had looked around for a rescue dog but there were no bullmastiffs available. I also finally admitted to myself that I longed to raise a pup had been over 20 years since I'd had puppy energy around me, as Brutus was four years old when I adopted him.

I knew how expensive bullmastiff puppies were and got momentarily caught in my own resistant thinking. I was filled with hesitation, anxiety and self-doubts!How could I justify spending that much money on a puppy?  What if I didn't have the energy to raise a pup? (Afterall, it had been over 20 years since I had embarked on an adventure like that!)  Was I really willing to make such a huge commitment, knowing what was involved in bonding and training so that I would have the kind of relationship I wanted...both of us happy and free? (I remembered pictures from past puppy-raising of me looking tired and bedraggled, with dark circles under my eyes!) Most importantly, even though I knew what I really wanted, could I love myself enough, feel worthy and deserving of giving myself what I really wanted?  Could I allow myself to receive the gift I longed for?

I had hesitated so long that by the time I checked out available breeders, all the Spring pups were spoken for.  As I pondered all this, tears welled up and spilled over as I wept...frightened that I wouldn't let myself have what I knew I wanted...what I knew would bring me such joy... knowing I was the only one who could give myself this gift, and frustrated and angry at myself for not loving myself enough!  I asked for guidance from my Inner Being. How is Source viewing my dilemma? I began to remember embracing my own dream.  As I was weeping, how adored I was by Source.  I remembered the power of my thought and began to think about all the joy and fun and comfort and companionship my dogs had brought me.  I remembered all the magnificent "miracles" that had happened to me in my life.  I thought about everything I appreciated about the life and lifestyle I had created and how perfect it all was for me to share it with a pup. My kitty crawled up in my lap and made it very clear that she, too, missed dog energy.  This would be her third bull mastiff!  And then, the tears finally stopped and it was like the sunshine emerging after a thunderstorm...I smiled with relief and realized that I had released my resistance and could feel the wondrous energy of love and joy and clarity and determination pouring into me as I stepped into my power as a deliberate creator and extension of Source Energy! 

The next thing I knew, I was opening my notebook computer and sending an email to the breeder, telling him to put me on the list for the next Spring litter.  I happily accepted that I might have to wait another year but one thing was clear...I had restored my faith in who I really knew myself to be and I was going to let myself have what I wanted!  I was clear about my intention to allow what I already knew was waiting for me in my vibrational reality!  I celebrated the delicious, joyous feelings as I imagined my future with a sweet, cuddly, innocent pup, certain that I was now a "cooperative component" for the Universe to deliver what I desired!

The next morning (!), I checked my emails and there was one from the breeder saying that someone had backed out and there was one male pup available!
I called and we had a wonderful conversation.  When I learned that this puppy's grandmother's name was Amazing Grace and his mother's name was Gaia, I practically swooned...knowing I had found my guy!  :-)

A few days later, my dear friend, Peg, and I boarded the boat and then drove  down to Portsmouth to pick Phineas up. (didn't know that was his name yet!)  One of the breeders was willing to meet us there, as half of the litter had been taken to Rhode Island. When I saw him, my knees almost buckled!  He was the most precious, adorable bundle of pure love I'd ever seen!  I scooped him into my arms, feeling such profound joy, handed the breeder his check, signed the contract, grabbed his medical records and Peg and I headed back to Portland to catch the boat home! Upon arriving home to my cottage and after a prolonged time of cuddling and bonding, I nestled my new baby into his bed! He slept through the night without a whimper! My life raising Phineas had begun!

By noon our first day together, I had finished working with a client, and upon realizing I didn't know when his birthday was, I decided to check out his medical records.  As I glanced through the paperwork, there in big bold print was "Heart murmer, 2-6"!  I was stunned and shaking!  How could this be?  Then, I had the brilliant idea to take a look at the "contract" I had signed.  The breeder had indicated it was pretty "boiler-plate", mostly that I was simply agreeing not to breed my pup.  I'd purchased other pedigree dogs so I had quickly signed it so we didn't miss the next boat!  Well, it was a big lesson in "READ WHAT YOU SIGN BEFORE YOU SIGN IT"!  I had apparently agreed, among other ridiculous things, to not neuter Phineas until after he was one year old and had given my permission to have the breeder harvest his sperm!  Good grief! Needless to say, I was very upset, very scared, and very angry!

The first thing I did was call my wonderful vet, Dr. Jeff Robbins, who happens to live here on the island, and asked if he would stop by at his earliest convenience to check my new puppy out.  Then I made some phone calls to both breeders...the one in Maine and the one in Rhode Island.  When we finally spoke, I was assured that I could return the puppy for a full refund!  I told them, in no uncertain terms, that this was not an option.  I had already bonded with this little guy!  He belonged with me!  I asked how such a thing could have happened and also challenged them on how untenable it was to wait a year to neuter such a large and powerful dog, and most importantly, why on earth would they want his sperm since he had a heart murmer?  The breeder attempted to make it seem like an issue of "mis-communication", however, I had made it very clear that I wanted a "healthy" puppy!  He never really addressed the "sperm" question.

That night, as I cuddled with Phineas, I told him that I was envisioning him as a healthy, happy puppy with a healed and big, strong heart!  I also assured him that we were now a team and that I so deeply appreciated his presence in my life!  I also let him know that NO ONE would be squeezing his wiener and harvesting his sperm!  :-)  Even though there were many negative emotions swirling about, I fell asleep feeling fiercely protective, determined, and focused. 

The next day, much to my surprise, I received an email from the breeder. It said that a bank-certified check, made out to me, refunding the full amount I paid for Phineas, was going into the mail!!!  My intuition was that something was a bit shady as they had admitted that 7 out of the 10 pups in the litter had heart this must have seemed to be the most efficient and expedient way of bringing our relationship to a close.  Fine by me.  With my money refunded, the contract was null and void, and I could now use the money to create a "health fund" for Phineas.

The following evening, Dr. Robbins came by and listened to little Phineas' heart.  Indeed, he confirmed that he had a heart murmer and explained how they were rated on a scale of 1-6.  He then went on to assure me that he had a wonderful cardiologist on staff and talked about all the tests we could do to get a better idea of where the hole was located in Phineas' heart. 

Now, up to that moment, I had been caught in very negative emotions...I was saddened, angry and mostly overwhelmed!  I was screaming "NO!" inside...pushing very hard to make this nightmare go away!  But, when my vet started telling me all the potential medical procedures and complications, I began to remember who I was...a powerful, deliberate creator!  I began to remember everything I knew about the Law of Attraction!  So I shifted, swiftly and completely!  Since I knew what I DID NOT WANT, I NOW KNEW WHAT I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY DID WANT...A HEALTHY, HAPPY PUPPY! 

First, I asked Dr. Robbins not to give any more thought to Phineas' heart murmer...not to do any research on heart murmers in bullmastiff pups, and not to contact his cardiologist or plan for any tests. Then I asked Dr. Robbins and my close circle of friends to join me in holding a positive focus and support for Phineas' complete and total healing! 

Specifically, I asked Dr. Robbins to join me in imagining the smiles each of us would have, the delight and joy each of us would feel the moment he looked up at me after listening to Phineas' heart at his 12-week check-up, announcing that the heart murmer was resolved! Knowing what an amazing and devoted veterinarian, researcher and diagnostician Dr. Robbins was, I re-iterated my request that he not give any other attention or thought to Phineas' heart murmer...and told him that instead of worrying and giving more attention to the "problem", we were going to only focus on the Stream of Well-Being pouring into Phineas, this bundle of Pure Positive Energy, containing trillions of magnficently intelligent cells who knew exactly how to correct the apparent imbalance occurring in Phineas' heart! 

As the weeks went by, I was immersed in my own indescribable, absolutely ineffable bubble-world of delight.  Except for my original healing circle of close friends, I did not speak of Phineas' heart murmer again...even though there was a steady parade of visitors coming to see the most adorable puppy in the Universe! :-) Whenever my thoughts strayed towards Phineas' heart condition or I became aware that I was feeling even a little bit "off", I would immediately pivot, and focus on the present moment, the appreciation and joy I was feeling, and the all-consuming nature of taking care of a pup. It was truly a wonderful practice of staying in the here and now and allowing myself to feel all the joy of the moment!

At Phineas' 12-week check-up, I continued to hold a positive focus as Dr. Robbins listened to his heart!  I began to notice that he was really listening to it for a long time...moving his stethoscope all over the place.  Finally, he looked up with the sweetest smile, and said, "Well, it's still there, but it's much better and I'm going to downgrade it from a #2 to a #1!"  What a happy moment! What a "matter-of-fact" moment!  Of course! We were going in the right direction!  Good work, Phineas!  Then, Dr. Robbins said he would be willing to come by the cottage in two weeks for the next round of puppy shots, as we were spacing them out and that would save us another trip into Portland.  I was so grateful!

Two weeks later, right on schedule, Dr. Robbins showed up and the first thing he did was ask to listen to Phineas' heart!  Now, listening to a wriggling, 14-week old puppy's heart is tricky business at best!  I watched as they did their little dance together...Phineas moving about...Dr. Robbins patiently moving his stethoscope from side to side, under Phineas' belly, chest, back to his side! It seemed to go on forever!  And then, we had our moment!  The shared vision became a wondrous, heart-skip-a-beat, breath-taking, life-giving reality!
"I'm really, really listening FOR a murmer", Dr. Robbins said..."but I can't hear anything! It's gone!"  We just smiled and smiled and smiled!  Phineas has been a happy, healthy pup ever since!  And I have this wonderful story to share!

Don't you just love "happily-ever-after" stories?  Don't you just love telling stories that bring happiness and joy...that inspire, uplift and empower? Don't you just love "miracles"?  I know I do!

What I love even more is knowing this:

...there's Infinite Creative Power in the telling of a happy story!
        ...telling a happy story is telling a story that is in alignment with
                                                                                      Source Energy!

        ...we have a wonderful emotional guidance system that tells us
               if we are in alignment with Source's perspective!   

        ...that the happy story that Source is always and forever
                                                                     whispering in our ear...

                                                                                     ...ALL IS WELL!

Happy Healthy Blessings,
Carol  :-)

Sunday, April 8, 2012


The celebration of Easter is an opportunity to sort through and choose all those aspects of "The Easter Story" that resonate with you and bring you joy! 

I, personally, recognize that the "stories" of Jesus have been remarkably distorted and mis-used, having been written, translated and re-written by many who were not even present when he walked the earth.  I love the basis of his message, and I think it's a most wonderful story!  For those who were brought up in the "Christian" tradition and exposed to the story of Jesus, Easter can be a glorious time to celebrate the messages that the one called "Jesus" brought to us!

First and foremost, for me, Easter has always been a time of joyously embracing the idea of "eternal life"...that, indeed, there is no such thing as death!  Everything I've read about his life, indicates that this one called Jesus came to know the Truth of who he really extension of the Powerful Pure Positive Energy of Source who had come forth to have a physical human experience.  In his language, we were all "children of God". As he walked this earth, he brought himself into complete Oneness with Source energy and began to teach from that place of alignment.  He knew and demonstrated that the death experience was simply a matter of transitioning back into the Pure Positive Source Energy from which he had emerged. 

I always think of the great Master Jesus as bringing to earth the concept of a Loving, Forgiving God of which we are all a part...another way of saying that we are extensions of Source-level, Pure Positive Energy!  He brought  this ideas of kindness and compassion to a world where humans were throwing people to lions and watching them get eaten...a world in which humans believed in a God that was separate from them...a God who was judgmental and punitive...and to be feared!

And of course, to go along with the idea of a God of Love, Jesus was reported to speak "judge not, lest ye be judged." Clearly, he understood the Universal Law of Attraction. We reap what we sow.
He was asking us to look at life and others through the eyes of Love...through the perspective of Source.  He was asking us to love, no matter the conditions! 

He knew and taught the creative power of thought and belief!  He was one of the first "Power of Positive Thinking" beings. When seemingly miraculous healings occurred, Jesus always declared that it was the person's faith in the Power Within him (God) that healed them...not him.  
Jesus looked at others through the eyes of Source...he did not choose to focus on their sickness but instead, viewed  them as whole and healed and in alignment with their Source.  Jesus allowed himself to become a channel, a vessel for the Power of Well-Being  to flow through him...and in those moments, his vibrational frequency was so high and so powerful that it was able to influence those around him! 

Jesus also reminded us that we all were created in Love, bound together by our shared Source of Pure Love, Pure Joy, Infinite Power and Intelligence...we all come from the same, will return to the same and are never, ever separated or apart from our Creator... "I am in you, you are in me, and we are One in the Father." He did not hold himself separate from the rest of us...he simply had figured it out...he knew who he was...he knew who we were...and he did his best to stay in alignment with who he really was, speaking and acting from that place! 

Despite what everyone else wanted to think and proclaim, he re-iterated over and over again that we, too, were all "children of God".  He was not the only son of GodWe are each a wondrous "idea of God"! 
He aligned with Source-level energy and performed what we called "miracles", but he pointed out that, since we were also "creators", we had the same powerful abilities and capacities, and that we would go on, in time, to create even greater things than he!  
Jesus truly was an uplifter, a visionary and came here to inspire and empower others!!!  He came to remind us of what we had forgotten!

The one called Jesus also was a master teacher of worthiness!  As seen through the eyes of our Source, we are assured that we are so very loved, adored, and recognized!
Consider "The Beatitudes":

"Blessed are the poor in spirit,
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Blessed are they who mourn,
for they shall be comforted.

Blessed are the meek,
for they shall inherit the earth.

Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness,
for they shall be satisfied.

Blessed are the merciful,
for they shall obtain mercy.

Blessed are the pure of heart,
for they shall see God.

Blessed are the peacemakers,
for they shall be called children of God.

Blessed are they who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness,
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven."

Gospel of St. Matthew

The one who was called Jesus knew the power of the Universal Law of Attraction:

Matthew 7:7 Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:  For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.

Over 2,000 years ago, we were being guided towards the power of our thoughts, our prayers, and assured that when in alignment with who we really are, we can be, or do, or have anything! 

The one who was called Jesus also reminded us of how we started out and challenged us to return to our original state of being...wide-open, loving, trusting, innocent, fearless, joyful, powerful, creative, imaginative, eager, free, non-judgmental, and filled with faith in the goodness and support of this life:

"Most certainly I tell you, unless you turn, and become as little children, you will in no way enter into the Kingdom of Heaven." (World English Bible)

As children, we knew how to focus on those things that pleased us.  As children, we simply turned our attention away from what we didn't like.  As children, we spent a great deal of our time imagining and dreaming about wonderful things to come.  As children, we were timeless, living in the present moment, delightfully fearless and unconcerned about the future.  As children, we loved unconditionally.! As children, we remembered our Source and who we really were!

Now, as far as the crucifixtion is concerned, I like to believe that Jesus got a little out-of-whack, and hence, momentarily out of alignment.  I like to believe that since he was here in a physical body, just like the rest of us, he was subject to the same influences we all are...and that somewhere along his journey he decided to push against the earthly powers that be.  I even like to believe that perhaps, he planned to have such a dramatic transitional experience because he intended to demonstrate our capacity to forgive and our eternal nature!

What I choose to remember about the story of his crucifixtion are his final words, which indicate so very powerfully that in the moments right before his physical death...he mostly remembered who he really was...he mostly came back into alignment with his Source (Inner Being)...and blessed us all by saying, "Father, forgive them...for they know not what they do."  Had he been in total and complete alignment, he would have known that there is no reason to ask God's forgiveness...ever!  "Forgiveness" is an idea made up by humans because we are the ones who hold grudges, judge and condemn. 

The crucifixtion set the stage so beautifully for his next performance!  After transitioning back into the Pure Positive Energy that we all come from and are, he chose to quickly come forth, one more time, albeit briefly, and give us his own proof of the existence of eternal life!  Word on the street was that he showed up after his transition into the Nonphysical, once again in a physical body, all healed and whole except for a few scars so that the "doubting Thomases" of the world could see the evidence that it was, indeed, him!  He hosted a wonderful celebratory dinner party ("Last Supper") with his devotees and then re-emerged back into the Non-physical Realm.  Fabulous story, don't you think? 

So, on Easter, I always take a moment to let the one that was called Jesus know how much I appreciate that he walked this earth and brought such a powerful and empowering message to humanity!  And I take time to go on a rampage of appreciation for all those who have walked the earth since and are present right here and now...those who continue to share the divinely-inspired message that each one of us is a magnificent vibrational part of Source energy, who has individually chosen to don a physical body and come to this time/space reality for the purpose of deliberately creating a joyful, expansive, powerful experience that affects and expands all of Creation!  I thank all those spiritual teachers and guides who continue to remind us of who we really are!  And I thank all those who demonstrate the abundance and well-being that is available to each and every one of us!

And I smile as I walk through the woods on this Easter Day, when everything still looks pretty much dead, except for the tiny delicate indicators that Mother Earth is about to explode, blossom, bloom again into breath-taking beauty and life-giving abundance!  I so appreciate how Nature shows us the impossibility of death and endedness as everything recycles, rebirths, renews, transforms and springs forth again!  I honor, with such deep and wordless gratitude in my heart, Nature's demonstration of the resurrection each and every Springtime! 

Easter Blessings,
Carol  :-)