Monday, February 27, 2012


Now, here are some wonderfully good feeling thoughts:

You are Source Energy and part of You has come forth into this hunk of flesh and blood and bones that you call your physical body!  To use a Biblical phrase, You Are God Incarnate!  You've heard that before if you've had any religious indoctrination along your physical trail.  It's a really magnificent, good-feeling idea to wrap your head around!  But given how we have been experiencing and observing life around us...our own and's understandable that we don't believe it is true.  So, just for a little bit, I'm asking you to play with the idea of "what if it IS true"?

So...If you are an extension of Source Energy, then there are actually TWO of YOU! There's the larger Nonphysical, Source-Energy part of you, which you might call "Spirit", or "Soul", or I like the term, "Inner Being"...and then there's the Physical you, which is the part of the Source Energy You who is here in this unique, one-of-a-kind physical body and personality.   And wonder of wonders, as you, in your physical body expand and become more, the Source of All That Is, the Power that Creates Worlds, expands as well! This is why you've come to this physical time/space reality...for the thrill of becoming more...for the joy of creating, here in physical form. 

So here you are, sorting through all your life experiences, deciding what you don't want and getting clearer about what you DO want!  And BOTH parts of You have a perspective of each and every experience you are having. These two parts of You...the Source Energy You and the Physical You are in constant relationship with one another all the are always connected to You!  You are always connected to and in relationship with your Inner Being.

The part of You that is here in this body is also a vibrational, energetic being. In fact, everything here in manifested physical form is ENERGY!  What you see, taste, touch, smell, and hear is energy being translated or interpreted.  You use your senses as wonderful "vibrational interpreters."
We are experiencing the different vibrations and interpreting them through our eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and capacity to physically feel things.  There are also many vibrations that are beyond the capacity of our senses to waves, microwaves, and certain decibles of sound, for example. And because we are such unique individuals, some people are more sensitive to certain vibrations.  Even our animals have their own vibrational interpretations.

  As I've talked about in earlier posts, you are an electromagnetic being who is radiating, emanating energy all the time.  The energy you are radiating (your aura) reflects the emotions you are feeling.  And this energy becomes the frequency you are sending out to the Universe...your point of attraction!  So when we observe something through our wondrous senses, we are also experiencing thoughts and feelings about what we are observing...positive and negative.  We are sorting out what we want and what we don't want...what we like and what we don't like.  The variety of experiences we have, here in this time/space reality, offers us endless choices.  And even if we don't formulate our preferences in words, our requests emanate out from us...and our Source responds to the vibrational signal we send out.

We ask and it is given...And the only reason that we don't experience receiving what it is that we are asking for or what it is that we are trying to deliberately because we have a stronger habit of focusing on what it is we don't want, than focusing on what it is we DO want. Our signals that we are sending out are mixed. So, we don't see, taste, touch, hear, feel the manifested form!

Remember - we get what we focus upon! So, the real challenge is learning how to hold a focus on what it is we really want to create...on the solution that is on its way!  When we are only thinking about all the different ways we will feel better when what we want manifests, THAT is when our frequency matches up with and attracts what it is we are wanting.  Our "creation" is already an idea, already a vibration...and since we want it because we believe that in the having of it, we will feel better...all we have to do is focus on how we will feel when what we are wanting manifests...hold that vibrational frequency...appreciate what is...and eagerly anticipate what's coming into manifestation. If we are fretting, or worrying, or feeling frustrated and impatient, doubtful...any negative emotions...then the energy emanating from us reflects THAT. just takes practice!  More to come...:-)

 You ARE an extension of Source Energy

Contained within you is everything you need to be, or do or have

Blessings, Carol :-)


Friday, February 24, 2012


There is a Stream of Well-Being and Abundance flowing into us, all day, every day!
There is NO stream of "illness" or "poverty (lack)"!

Now, don't those ideas FEEL GOOD? 

So, WHY would we not be experiencing this wondrous Stream of Well-Being and Abundance?  Because we are pinching ourselves off from it! 

How?  By thinking thoughts that don't feel good! 

          By thinking thoughts that are limiting and negative!

          By holding onto beliefs that don't reflect the Loveliness that We Are!

Today, may you take some time to RELAX!  May you give yourself
                                                                   the Pause that Refreshes!

     STOP!  for 15 minutes   and BREATHE in this "stream"!
                         GO TO YOUR HAPPY PLACE IN YOUR MIND!

One of my favorite things to do is imagine that I am lying down in a canoe that is floating gently down a stream, on a picture-perfect day, comfy and cozy, open and relaxed, breathing in this stream of well-being and abundance, filled with trust that this Stream of Life-Giving Energy is taking me somewhere simply wonderful!

Either I focus on my breath or think thoughts of appreciation about my life! I don't allow myself to think anything else...just happy thoughts!  And if I can't think happy thoughts, I bring my focus back to breathing in Pure Positive Energy and breathing out any resistance!

Just 15 minutes!  And, I remember that All is Well, and I feel refreshed!

This is my wish for you today!  Blessings Abound!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Beliefs are very powerful!

Do you know that by giving something enough of your attention, the essence of what you have been giving thought to, will eventually become a physical manifestation? This is the beginning of the creative process! Eventually, we create what we have been focused on.  For example, remember when no one believed it was possible for a human to run a mile in under five minutes?  Well, it only took one person to hold the focus long enough to actually succeed!  This is how it works! There are so many instances where one person decides to challenge the status quo and show that what we  believe to be "true", actually isn't!

And, do you know that when others observe your physical manifestation, through their attention to it, they actually help it to expand? Taking the running example further, many atheletes went on to break that record!  And look how easily fear becomes epidemic as more and more people decide to believe in the prevailing idea.

And…do you know that, in time, this manifestation to which all these people have been giving their attention, becomes what we collectively call “truth” or “reality”? (whether it is wanted or unwanted)
Here's a great example:
Because we have assigned the labels "truth" or "reality" to the collective beliefs we hold about "aging", many of which have been passed down
generationally, we see many people manifesting the same illnesses and conditions.  We have given so much of our attention to these "realities", by worrying about them, expecting them, or by engaging in various health-related regimens designed to avoid them!  Regardless of how we each react, these so-called "truths" have gotten our attention...and the resulting manifestations apear to validate these seeming inevitable "realities"...despite other "contraindications" offered by scientifically proven data.

If you take time to ponder this, you will understand why "truth" seems to change alot! It will also help you to understand why we each seem to live in our own individual "reality", even though we are connected through "shared realities".

We're all doing alot of thinking!  And "beliefs" are simply thoughts that we keep thinking alot about!  A belief is simply a thought we are giving alot of attention to, consciously or unconsciously.

So... Why not choose those beliefs that make you FEEL GOOD!  
Choose to believe that which empowers you, inspires you, uplifts you and makes you feel like the infinite, powerful, vibrational being that you are!

Choose to believe what makes you feel worthy, strong, beautiful, free, loved!

Choose to believe what makes you feel safe and secure!

Choose to believe what makes you happy!

Why?  Because it's YOUR CHOICE what you give your attention to!
And then, watch how your experience changes!  Watch what begins to show up in your life, your health, your relationships, your work...

And if something unwanted shows up in your life...something that doesn't FEEL GOOD, take a moment to change what you are thinking or focusing on or believing...think a better-feeling thought...and watch for what happens next!  Try it!  You'll like it!

Carol :-)


Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Just like the Law of Gravity, Law of Attraction is powerful, and completely dependable and reliable!  It is governing the movement of energy, responding to the frequency we are emitting!  In our day to day life, we are familiar with the expression, "birds of a feather flock together"!  This is because "like energy attracts like energy"!  So, it is always true that no matter what is manifesting in your experience, there is a corresponding frequency that you are emitting.
It is simple and yet a bit complicated! Depending on the issue that you are focused on, and how you are thinking about that issue/experience/circumstance, your vibration changes or is mixed. And since we are not always aware of our thoughts on certain subjects, we are often surprised by what shows up in our experience, saying to ourselves..."I certainly had nothing to do with that happening!" But we did! We just were not staying aware of what we were thinking and feeling about that particular subject. This is what I mean by "creating by default".

This is why BELIEFS are very, very powerful because a belief is really a thought that you keep thinking!   And the more you focus on that thought, the more energy you are giving to it and the stronger your point of attraction. And, before you know it, what you were thinking about becomes manifested into what you call “reality”!  And then, you pronounce your belief to be TRUE! You could think of a “belief” as a habit of thought you’ve got going relative to a particular subject. And we all have so many beliefs about so many different subjects, many of which are conflicting with one another, that often our vibration emanating from us is very mixed.

Some of our beliefs serve us very well and create positive, uplifting, empowering emotions and experiences. Many of our beliefs, however, do not serve us so well because they greatly limit us in what we think is possible in the realm of creation. Put simply, if we believe something is impossible, it is! That’s how powerful beliefs are! And, remember the children's book, “The Little Engine That Could”? “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!” So…we CAN!

Many beliefs are passed down, generation after generation, and they gain momentum (energy) along the way. We look for physical evidence to tell us what is true. We’ve been trained well in this regard. So, when a number of people believe in something long enough, and the Law of Attraction brings them experiences of physical evidence, it’s understandable that they conclude that the “belief” is “true”.

Much of our experience of the aging process is a great example of how collectively held beliefs dictate what we each individually experience for ourselves. Not only are we taught that there are certain “givens” that we should expect as we grow older, like the pain of arthritis and diminishment of eye sight, strength, and memory, we are also taught that we should worry about “inheriting” certain illnesses and conditions that our predecessors had! So, isn’t it refreshing and empowering to learn that each of us actually has the power to create our own experience? And, can you see now why there are as many different realities here on planet earth as there are people?

Now, when I say the Law of Attraction is as powerful, reliable and dependable as the Law of Gravity…I mean it! This is a wonderful thing because you can conduct your own experiment and test it out yourself. In fact, life has already provided you with endless experiences that have been showing you what a powerful creator you are. 

Almost everyone has had some form of experience where they were thinking about someone, and the phone rings and it’s that person! Almost everyone has awakened to begin their day, had something go wrong right off the bat, felt discouraged or annoyed, pronounced that the day was not going to go well, and then, by the end of the day had accumulated enough negative experiences to conclude that “see, I was right!”. We do this all the time but simply aren’t aware of the magnificent creative geniuses that we are! Once you become aware of the power of your individual focus, thoughts, beliefs etc., you will begin to see evidence of this all over the place! TRY IT! HAVE FUN WITH THIS!

And remember you are soooo loved!  :-)


Monday, February 20, 2012


"Appreciation" is a feeling that carries a very high frequency! 

When we are in a state of appreciation, we FEEL GOOD!  It's even a higher frequency than "gratitude" because often when we are feeling grateful, the vibration we are emitting is mixed with a little negativity (thoughts of lack) because we are also remembering some difficulty or hardship we had to go through and now, we are "grateful" for what has transpired. 

But, when we are letting ourselves look around our own world and are looking for things and people and circumstances that we truly appreciate, basking in all that pleases us and is going well, we are filled to the brim with and radiating happiness or contentment!

Try starting your day with this affirmation:

Today, no matter where I am, what I'm doing or whom I'm with, I'm going to look for things that feel good...for things I can appreciate!"

Two things will start to happen and I'll briefly explain why! 

First - You will immediately begin to feel better, more at peace, more abundant, more hopeful...about yourself and your own reality. You'll begin to feel a greater sense of well-being!  Try it!  Remember, words really don't teach, but experience does, so I will always be encouraging you to check these ideas out!

The reason you will start to feel better is that every cell in your body is being flooded with good-feeling energy!  The Japanese scientist, Masaru Emoto, in his bestselling book, The Hidden Messages in Water, discovered that crystals formed in frozen water reveal changes, when specific, concentrated thoughts are directed toward them.  Emoto's amazing photography of the frozen water revealed the most breath-takingly beautiful configurations of crystals from words of appreciation and love!  The frozen water crystals, exposed to negative words and thoughts, were deformed, misshapened or non-existent!  Since the cells of our physical bodies consist of at least 70% water, this work has proved that the thoughts we are thinking profoundly affect our health and well-being.

Second - As you begin to really focus on things to appreciate, the number of things you discover will start to increase exponentially!  As you move through your day, consciously looking for positive aspects of the people you interact with, the circumstances you find yourself in, as well as your own emotional, mental and physical state of being, you will discover more and more thoughts of appreciation coming your way! 

Why? Because just as powerful and reliable and dependable as the Law of Gravity, there is another universal law...the Law of Attraction. We actually are aware of this law from the well-known expression, "Birds of a feather, flock together!"  It's happening all the time! Since thoughts are generating tiny electrical impulses throughout our bodies and producing the energies of emotions, the Universe is orchestrating a dance of energies whereby "that which is like unto itself, is drawn"! Like energy attracts like energy!  So, as you begin to think of things you appreciate, the Universe  actually starts bringing you more thoughts of appreciation and it becomes easier and easier to find things to appreciate! (more about the Law of Attraction in my next post)

Now, you'd think this would always be easy to do, but when you are stuck in a negative mood around a certain subject, it seems very difficult to come up with anything that you appreciate!  This is because the vibration you are emitting about that particular subject is way too far away from the frequency of "appreciation".  So, the first thing you have to do is focus on something else that is much easier for you to find positive aspects or thoughts of appreciation. Otherwise, if you are having negative thoughts, the Law of Attraction will bring you more of those!  YIKES!

For example, sometimes I begin with how much I appreciate Phineas and my loveable cat. Sometimes, as I'm lying in my bed in the morning, I start with how much I appreciate that I have a cozy bed, a roof over my head, hot running water, enough to eat!  Before I know it, I'm able to expand my thinking to many, many other positive, feel-good thoughts about different areas of my life!  I can feel my energy shift and now, I'm ready to begin the day!  Inevitably, my day goes much better now, as I'm already more practised in holding a positive focus.

So, if you want to become a conscious deliberate creator of your life experiences, it's important to get to know your own mind and stay aware, moment to moment of the thoughts you are thinking.  Even more important, stay aware of how you are FEELING!   Your feelings become your own
"emotional indicator" of the energy/vibration you are emanating and therefore, the kinds of experiences you are attracting into your life
(more on this later!)  

So, the most important energetic promise you could ever make to yourself is to look for things that feel good!  All day, everyday! It does take practice!  We've trained ourselves to be really good "problem solvers" and we believe that anticipating what might go wrong is to our advantage in avoiding other future problems.  But the frequency of "problems" is always negative and much different than the frequency of "solutions".  We also have a habit of focusing more on what we don't want than on what we do want! And so, we tend to create more of what we do not want! (like energy attracts like energy, remember?)

So, keep it simple.  Keep it fun and light-hearted!  Experiment with all this!
Look for things that feel good and pay attention to what shows up in your experience.  Pay attention to your thoughts, beliefs, opinions and especially, your feelings on different subjects and issues as your day unfolds! 

And always remember:

                                      This is your Power and your Freedom!

Powerful Blessings,
Carol :-)

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Ever since I was a little girl, I just wanted everyone around me to feel better!
And I had so many questions about why things were the way they were!  None of it made any sense to me and certainly didn't feel good! Now, I understand how the very circumstances I encountered when I arrived here on planet hitting the ground running...served as the powerful catalyst of my own becoming who I am today.  My desire to find answers was born out of my passionate protest that what I was experiencing was NOT what I wanted, for me or for anyone!  Today, I can bless it all, understand it all, and share my joyful discoveries!  

I feel like I can remember the moment I gazed around at my birth family…my seriously depressed, alcoholic and eventually diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic mother, my high-functioning, ambitious, abusive alcoholic father, and my two younger brothers who, along with me, suffered the effects of such dysfunction…and I was aghast, confused, outraged and terribly sad at what I witnessed and experienced! I was bound and determined to study and learn everything I could to ease my own and others’ pain and confusion.  After several decades of searching, this blog is all about the wonderful, impassioned, empowered place I have arrived.

I began my journey towards physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being and abundance by completing a master’s degree in counseling. After several years of working in traditional settings, I expanded my studies in the direction of spirituality and alternative healing, always seeking to understand the cause of human suffering. I was blessed with an innate “knowing” that there was a Source, a God, from which All That Is Life originated…and that it was PURELY GOOD. I also knew that not only was I connected to that Pure Positive Energy but it also was pouring into me and through me all the time.  And yet, the presence of humanity’s suffering and hardships (my own included), and the seeming injustices and inequities, continued to perplex, frustrate and sadden me.

After years of exploration and study, my travels led me more and more deeply inward and I began to meditate and listen to my own deeply inner voice. I had exhausted my search of books, ancient and current teachers and spiritual sages, workshops and retreats, energy-healing modalities, therapists, astrologers and psychics, quantum physics, etc. By letting myself be quieted and following my own intuitive hunches, I was led to the broadest, most reasonable, most understandable, joyous and empowering perspective I have ever discovered! Check out! With practice, it works!!!

Energy!  It's all about vibrational energy!  Life is energy in physical form!

It is this powerful "knowing" that I now share with you, so that you, too, can Change Your Frequency and Change Your Life!

I presently work and live in my sweet cottage, “Amazing Grace”, named for the “Walt Disney-like” manifestation that it is…on an island off the coast of Maine.

My constant companions and 4-legged master teachers are Phineas, my bull mastiff pup and Miss Kitty. I am surrounded by the beauty of the sea and forests and a beloved community.

I delight in offering ideas to others about how to become conscious, deliberate creators in their lives. We can co-create in person, by phone or email consultations!  I also do various forms of body and energy work, as well as offer vibrational healing support through the use of flower essences, crystal chakra singing bowls, and various relaxation exercises.  I am also a distributor for the Amethyst BioMat, which is a leading-edge, FDA-approved, vibrational healing medical device that I passionately wish everyone to know about!  I am available for private and group experiences.  Please feel free to be in touch. All is very well! And...

Blessings Abound!  :-)

Saturday, February 18, 2012


My purpose in writing this blog is to help you remember that you are a magnificent, vibrational, electromagnetic Being…not just the hunk of flesh and bones and blood that you might think you are!

Not only that! I also want to remind you that who you really are is a PHYSICAL EXTENSION OF ETERNAL, SOURCE-LEVEL PURE POSITIVE ENERGY! We really are spiritual beings who have come to create a physical experience!

And…you’ve come into this leading edge physical time/space reality (planet Earth) to be a deliberate creator of anything you want to be, or do or have! Why? For the sheer joy that comes from growing, expanding, and becoming more. have come fully equipped for the job! You have a POWERFUL MIND and POWERFUL EMOTIONS!


This idea has been around for several decades now, but most of us do not really understand what it means or the mechanisms involved in becoming a deliberate creator of our own experience. Others don’t like the idea at all because they look at certain aspects of their lives, like illness, or not having enough money, or fulfilling relationships or their work, and conclude that they never would have intentionally created THAT for themselves! 

What IS true is that, because we don’t remember or understand that we are vibrational, electromagnetic, energetic beings, (the larger part of us remains Non-physical, even while we are in these bodies!) we mostly create by default instead of deliberately! "By default"...I mean that things that we want or don't want come into our experience but we are not aware of the part we played in creating those experiences.  Becoming aware of how powerful your thoughts and especially, your feelings about your thoughts are, will enable you to Change your Frequency which will Change your Life!

So…for those of you who are hungry for more…for those who have been wanting to know and understand the energetic mechanisms and laws that govern this Universe and the creative process and why things are the way they are here on the physical plane, this is manna straight from heaven! It IS the Song of Joy! It IS Glad Tidings! It IS Good News! But…you have to be ready to hear it, because it’s so BIG! bigger than BIG! HUGE!… and joy-filled, high, high, high frequency ideas!

An Interactive Blog!

So, I'm hoping to post frequently!  If you're interested, please come visit and feel free to leave me any comments or questions you might have!  I promise I will offer an answer as soon as I can!  Your comments and questions will stimulate the flow of ideas through me and then we will truly be co-creating well-being and abundance together!  Fun! 

I suggest that if you are new to my blog, you take the time to read the previous posts since what I'll be sharing has a wonderfully logical and reasonable sequence which builds on one idea after another.  Also, I plan to offer personal anecdotes from my own daily practice of the information I'm sharing!  I invite you to do the same!  That way, we'll all be supporting each other in this glorious adventure of Changing our Frequency and Changing our Life!

Blessings to you,
Carol  :-)

Friday, February 17, 2012


WELCOME!  I'm delighted you have come to visit!
                                 May you have a glorious day today!

I'm writing this blog because my cup runneth over! :-)

…because I can’t contain what I know any longer!
…because I’m excited that those who are meant to discover this blog, will!
…because I passionately know that I am to let what keeps pouring into me come into expression!
…because it makes me so happy to personally offer a positive, empowering, uplifting, joy-filled, irresistible message about THE POWER OF WHO WE REALLY ARE!
…because I want to sing this song of Joy!


This blog is for those who have been asking the “Alfie” questions their whole lives! Who am I? What IS this Life about? I’m seeking to attract those who are searching for more, eager for more understanding of the “bigger picture” of this thing we call “Life”, a broader perspective about who we really are as human beings…who know there is more to life than what we can see, taste, touch, hear and smell.

This message is for those who are still “young at heart”, curious, eager to know more, who are on their own “growing edge”! It is for those who want to rediscover the innate knowing, eagerness, invincibility and power of imagination they experienced when they were little and who love exploring leading-edge, expansive, empowering, uplifting, inspiring ideas!

It is for those who experience a profound ache in their hearts when they view the suffering of humanity and genuinely want to understand and know what they can do to truly help and uplift others!

I’m reaching for folks who are interested in creating well-being, joy, and abundance, in their own and others’ lives - who care deeply about the person they are becoming and the life they are creating…their physical health, their finances, their relationships, their work, etc.

It is for those who want to be turned on, tuned in and excited about discovering how to be deliberate creators of their own life experience!

I’m looking for cosmic playmates and leading-edge thinkers!

                      Phineas...My 4-Legged, One-Year-Old Cosmic Playmate!
                                                                (almost 100 pounds!)


    Hard to believe he was THIS little…8 weeks old, 9 pounds! A bundle of Pure Positive Energy who has brought me so much Joy! He is my constant companion, personal fitness trainer, and master teacher! Every day, every moment, he is reflecting back to me exactly what frequency I’m emitting! If I’m “off”, even a little bit, his demeanor, the expression on his face and his behavior changes to show me I need to adjust my energy to a more positive frequency.  He also commands me to stand in my power and BE THE PACK LEADER! Otherwise, he very swiftly and quite competently takes over, becoming very large and in-charge! :-)  He has taught me to hold a positive focus, to be kind, to be patient and to expect things to go well! He is always in the moment and shows me how to thoroughly enjoy being alive!

Always Blessings,
Carol  :-)