Monday, April 16, 2012


For those of you who are "new" to my blog, I just want to suggest that you go back to the beginning of my blog and read the first February and March posts!  It may help you understand better what I'm talking about!  :-) 

This blog is meant to empower you!  It is meant to give you a whole new way of thinking about your life, your self, and the experiences that you are attracting!

This blog is meant to inspire you!  It is designed with your happiness in mind
It is meant to provide you with ideas and thoughts to ponder and explore to see if they resonate with you and generate good feelings within!  Most importantly, the ideas are meant to be tried out You!  Until you actually put the ideas into practice, it all remains theoretical and will not change your frequency or change your life!

This blog is meant to uplift you!  It is an offering of hope!  It's purpose is to share a whole new paradigm that will shift you from feeling vulnerable to the events, people, circumstances and experiences that surround feeling hopeful, determined and encouraged to discover the power of your own thoughts and begin to deliberately create a better-feeling life! 

This blog is meant to bring your attention to how you are feeling, every single moment!
Your feelings serve as wonderful indicators of what you are in the process of attracting into your life.  Negative feelings mean that your point of attraction is...well...negative!  Positive feelings let you know that you are moving in the direction of alignment with your Inner Being, your Pure Positive Source Energy.  Positive feelings also indicate that you are in the process of allowing the Universal Law of Attraction to bring to you experiences, people, circumstances and things that match your positive vibration. 

Our emotions are an amazing and accurate internal guidance system. They are a gift from Source so that in each and every moment, we are being guided as to whether we are moving towards or away from alignment (Oneness) with Source Energy.  We can never, ever actually be separate from Source (our Inner Being)...but we can pinch ourselves off in such a way that we can't experience that delicious, empowering, joyful loving energy.  We all know that "negative place", especially when life brings us something we really don't like or want and we react with negative emotion.  It feels like things just aren't going our way...and we're angry or sad or overwhelmed, or anxious, etc. and feeling very alone. This is when it matters the most that you have decided that you want to feel better and begin to reach for better-feeling thoughts about whatever it is you are focused upon!

Now, just to be clear, it's not about never having negative emotions!  That's an inevitable part of participating in the human experience and absolutely necessary for expanision of the Universe to take place!  Experiencing all the variety and contrast that this time/space reality offers lets us know what we do and don't sparks desire!   And when we are recognizing our feelings...positive or negative...those feelings let us know how our relationship between our physical self and our nonphysical  Source-level Self is doing!  Negative feelings can be utilized as an early warning system that's telling us to pay attention to whatever it is we are focused upon and choose better-feeling thoughts so that the frequency that we are emanating shifts in a more positive direction, hence, improving our point of attraction.

The Universal Law of Attraction that I've talked about is a wonderfully reliable, dependable and consistent Source-level law! (just like the Law of Gravity)  It is the most important mechanism to understand with regard to the creative process.  It basically says that "that which is like unto itself is drawn." Or...birds of a feather flock together....birds meaning our thoughts!  All day, every day, we are having all kinds of life experiences...and we are sifting and sorting through them, deciding what we don't want and what we do want.  When we focus on what we DO WANT..."I want THAT!"...we emanate a vibrational request to Source...this is our vibrational or energetic communication...asking for what we want!  It doesn't need to be verbalized consciously!  Source receives our request and immediately fulfills it...VIBRATIONALLY!  Ask and it is given! 

Since, everything that we think we want, we want because we believe that in the having of it, we will feel happier...our work is to relax and bask in the knowing that the vibrational equivalent of what we want is poised to come into manifestation.  Vibrational Reality precedes all physical reality...everything begins as an idea and ideas are energy! And Source has already "heard" our request and has responded!  However, in order to for us "see it, taste it, touch it, hear it", we must be in the vibrational proximity of that which we have asked for!

Being in the "vibrational proximity" means focusing in ways that generate good-feeling emotions...moving us closer and closer to the frequency of the Pure Positive Energy of Source.  Imagining how we will feel when we get what we want is a great way to shift your frequency so that it matches what it is you have asked for.  I will remind you that everything that IS in physical form...everything that we experience in physical it good health, more money, a lover, a job...all began as an idea.!  That's the energetic description of an "idea".... "vibrational reality"!  An idea is energy vibrating!  And the more we focus on an idea, the stronger the vibration, the stronger the pulse being generated.  So, the more you really, really, really want something, the stronger your desire, the stronger the pulse of vibrational reality! 

So, as you read my blog, and resonate with what I'm sharing, I urge you to try it all out!

Decide that no matter where you are, what you're doing, or whom you're with, you will
focus on that which makes you feel good!

Spend a day looking for things to appreciate and see what happens! 

Make a conscious decision to practice asking yourself how you are feeling many many times during the day...get familiar with your own emotional range...your happiness quotient!

Practice focusing on things that make you feel good!

Practice finding better-feeling thoughts/perspectives when you are feeling "bad".

Let go of beliefs (thoughts you keep thinking) that don't serve you and don't feel good!

Pay attention to the connection between your thoughts about whatever you're focusing on and how you are feeling.

Bask and let yourself have a break! 
                                                             Relax and tell yourself "All is Well".
                                                                                                                           Be easy! 
                              Delight in your breath...and the gift of Life!

You deserve to feel good!
You deserve to experience the joy of shining your Light!

Blessings each and every moment,
Carol  :-)

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