Saturday, March 24, 2012


Usually, when we talk about faith, we're referring to faith in a religious sense like God or some Higher Power, faith in a particular person, or faith
in something happening.  So, in the old paradigm of thinking, "faith" is believing in something not yet seen...something for which we have no evidence. It's as if we come up with an idea that feels good, about something or someone...then choose to believe it and then hope for evidence. So faith can serve us simply as a belief in something/anything... that makes us feel good!

Instead of asking yourself to believe in something not yet seen, I'm inviting you to try "seeing" with your emotions!  If you go very general and choose to have faith in your own Goodness and in the Positive Potentiality of Life

It feels so delicious, wonderful, and empowering to have faith in your own Goodness and in the inherent positive capacity of Life!  It feels soothing and restful and filled with ease. You are Good and Life is Good.  Then, you get to watch everything will fill in with specifics just for you.  The Universe, through the Law of Attraction, will bring you an abundance of evidence of your goodness, your worthiness, your pure positive potential! As a result, your FEELINGs of GOODNESS will deepen and expand.  These good feelings will broaden to include others as you recognize their Goodness and their Potential.

I have great faith in the goodness of Life!  It makes me happy to trust that life is supposed to feel good, even when it doesn't.  It makes me happy to have faith that there is meaning in things that happen...a bigger context into which I can put certain situations or that no matter what is going on, I can relax and trust in the goodness of life, even when it is not apparent.

I enjoy seeing the glass as half-full if it is something yummy and half-empty if it is yucky-tasting medicine.  I love being optimistic and looking for the brighter side of things, turning the prism of my mind, choosing a perspective that makes me feel good!  In short, I've grown to LOVE FEELING GOOD!

Before I knew what I now know...when I couldn't begin to understand why terrible things were happening to others or myself, it always felt better to have faith that there was a reason...and a good one, at that! Often I didn't know what that reason was, but I had faith that things were always unfolding in a way that created an opportunity for me to grow and become more than I thought I was...I was not a victim.  I learned to ask, "Why is this happening FOR me? instead of "Why is this happening to me?"

When we have faith in our own Goodness and in the Potential of Life, we can choose to trust that the answer to our questions and wonderings is being offered and we can allow for the possibility that we  just can't see, or hear, or intuit it...yet.  

Maybe we aren't ready and up to speed vibrationally for the answer (still feeling badly about what was happening or happened)...or maybe it isn't yet time for us to know.  It becomes an opportunity to deepen our faith!

Sometimes we can't receive the "answer" because we are busy focusing on the "problem" or the "question".  Focusing on the problem or question has a very different and much lower frequency than the vibration created by focusing on the "solution" or the "answer".  My favorite and most simple example of this is when we lose something, like our glasses, and, convinced they are "lost", we search high and low and still can't find them.  It's not until we stop focusing on the idea that we have lost our glasses that they show up, often in a place where we had already looked, several times!  As long as we were believing that they were lost, we couldn't "see" them!

Choosing to have faith in the ultimate Goodness of Your Self and Life takes you to a really good-feeling of comfort and a peaceful ease and flow. It's the kind of faith that is the emotional basis of feeling worthy, capable, confident, competent.  Faith in your own Goodness and Potential becomes thrilling because you get to watch the convergence of people, places, situations and, as the Universe orchestrates your rendezvous with things that match those good-feeling vibrations that you've got going! 

What do you have faith in?  It's worth pondering.

What we believe forms the basis of all our thinking and therefore, of our vibration!   Our emotions are the feeling response we are having to the thoughts we are thinking.  When we have faith in good things, when we believe in goodness, we can feel good even when the evidence hasn't shown up yet!  And we get to watch as Universal Law of Attraction brings us experiences that match the vibration of what we have faith in, what we believe in...all the exceptions!

It feels indescribably delicious to have Faith in yourself and in your connection to your Inner Being, your Soul, your Source! 

Faith becomes Knowing - Knowing the Goodness, the Power, the Love of your own Inner Being that is You! 

Having Faith is a gift of Love that you courageously give to yourself! one can take it away from you!






YOU ARE FREE! free that you can choose to believe anything you want!
             free that you can choose to have faith in anything you want!

blessings abound,
Carol  :-)


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