Monday, March 5, 2012


When we change our perspective, what we're looking at changes!
When we change our frequency, we change what is!

This seems so hard to do when what we're focused on is not at all what we want!  We're well trained to believe that if we just keep our attention on what it is we don't want...keep focused on the problem...that we will be able to change what is.  But, the more we stay focused on WHAT IS, the more the Universal Law of Attraction will bring to us more of What is! 

So, here we are...we're observing what it is that we don't want and having feelings about it.  Those feelings are the basis of the frequency we are emitting, so the Law of Attraction brings us more experiences that are on the same or similar frequency.  Then we observe more of what is, and based on what we are observing (more of what we don't want), we are emanating a vibration that the Law of Attraction responds to. And round and round we go!

This is why whatever we think about long enough always becomes True!  Whatever we are focused upon...thinking about, having feelings about...after a period of time...manifests or comes into form right before our eyes...and we proclaim..."see I was right!"

Now, don't worry.  It's not like the moment you have a thought, it begins to manifest!  There's a wonderful buffer of time for you to realize that the thoughts you are thinking do not feel good so that you can change them to better-feeling thoughts! 

But, if you keep 'beating the drum' of "I don't like it!  I don't want it! It's not right!  It's not fair! It shouldn't be that way!..."...Well, now you have quite a strong negative signal that you are sending out to the Universe.  Now, the emotional energies of frustration, anger, sadness, anxiety, etc. become the field of energy emanating from you and the Universe responds with more of what you don't want! The Universal Law of Attraction is absolutely dependable and reliable! :-) soon as you realize what you don't want, you immediately know what you do want!  Turn your complete attention to WHAT YOU DO WANT! 

Use your imagination and visualize what it is you are wanting to create.  But here is the most important part:  IMAGINE how you will FEEL when what it is you really really want actually manifests! 

An example:  When little ones know that their birthday is coming and they might get the exact present they had been asking for, the energy that emanates from them is their emotional energy because they are already imagining how happy they will be when they open the present! 

It's so important to remember that it's the feelings that are generated by what it is we are focused upon that create our experience.  When we were sitting in school and the teacher and subject matter was really, really boring, we day-dreamed and imagined ourselves somewhere else, doing something else...producing feelings of contentment.  We knew to take our attention OFF of what was and put it on something that would bring us relief.

If you just can't stop thinking about WHAT IS, then,  try to DISTRACT YOURSELFShift your focus to something that you feel good about and spend time basking in those thoughts and experiences.  Move your attention away from that which is troubling you.  Why?  Because this will cause your frequency to rise!  This will bring you into closer alignment with your Inner Being

Think of your Inner Being as the Field of Pure Positive Energy where the solution is! The frequency of the problem is very very very different from the frequency of the solution! The problem and the solution are in two very different places, vibrationally-speaking.  So, you've got to do whatever it takes to move yourself up the emotional scale so that your frequency matches the solution!  In short, you have to get yourself back to FEELING GOOD...about SOMETHING....ANYTHING!

Try practicing this on those things in your life that you don't have a great deal of passion or intensity about.  Start out with what you can be easy and light-hearted finding your missing glasses or car keys.

Changing what is requires a change in your frequency!  Remember, we get what we're focused upon!  If we keep beating the drum of "I'm afraid that will happen!"...we get exactly that which we are afraid of!  We always are getting what matches our vibrational energy on whatever subject we are focusing on!

If you're feeling really low, don't try to make big leaps, like from sadness to joy.  It's too big of a change in frequency and it won't work!  This is the reason most of us don't believe any of this works.  We've been trying to make too big of a jump. 

Just reach for one better-feeling thought at a time, like..."I don't have to do anything this red hot minute...or...I know this feeling won't last forever...or I really do appreciate that I know, when I'm ready, I can shift my focus to something else...or I really want a different way to look at this."  Then, watch how the Universal Law of Attraction brings you more and more better-feeling thoughts and you start moving up the emotional scale.

Be gentle with yourself. You ARE where YOU ARE!

It's about learning how to tenderly accept What Is first!
It's about learning how to genuinely soothe to gently to open and soften to what is, first within, then without.
If where you are is feeling sad, scared and powerless,  reach for better-feeling thoughts that will move you up to revenge, then anger, then frustration...on to feeling overwhelmed, then more determined, then optimistic! Realize with each feeling of relief comes a greater sense of empowerment. When you reach "hopeful", you are right on the threshold of lining up with the Unconditional Love, the Limitless Compassion, Infinite Intelligence that you really are! Now, you are feeling powerful and able to deliberately create from that place of alignment and Oneness with your Source Energy!

It's also about embracing the often stunning contrast (everything you don't like or don't want) of this space/time reality and allowing yourself to recognize that all your preferences are born out of contrast!  The experience of what you don't want or like causes preferences to be born within you and you now gain the clarity and passionate desire to create what it is you really want.  When we know what we don't want, we automatically know what we DO want!
Now, hold your focus on that and remember...  

You came here to this leading edge, time/space reality, that is filled with endless variety and contrast, to be the powerful deliberate creator that you are!

WHAT IS  is always changing and becoming SOMETHING ELSE, SOMETHING BETTER...because YOU are always changing, expanding and becoming...and as You, here in this physical body...You, the emissary from Source Energy, expand...Source Itself expands! This is the eternal, never-ending-ness, forever-nature of Life!

And that's why we're here...for the thrill of expansion...for the thrill of discovering that we have everything we need, within, to be or do or have anything!  We just forgot.  Now we're remembering!

It just takes a little practice and a deep desire to fulfill your true feel good, to be happy, fulfilled, satisfied with what is and yet eager for more! 

You Are, in your fullest expression, Joy!...right here, right now!  Remember?  And when you are shining your Light, the entire planet benefits, as does each person who crosses your path!

Blessings, Carol :-)

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  1. Ah ha moment, thank you for this! You have crossed my path at a perfect time, I am thankful for that! Thankful for you!