Friday, March 9, 2012


Your magnificent body exists because of the intelligence in your cells.
The intelligence of your cells exists because of their Connection to Source Energy!

Isn't it great that, for the majority of our bodily functions, we really don't have to think at all?  We don't have to pump the blood through our veins or remember to breathe or plan our elimination of waste.  It's nothing short of amazing how well the body functions, in spite of us! :-)

Of course, when you feel good in your physical body, it is much easier to have an enjoyable, good-feeling physical experience of life! But, now that you are aware of the Law of Attraction and the powerful vibrational energy contained in your thoughts, finding good-feeling things to focus upon and staying aligned with your Inner Being, assists your cells in doing their jobs!  Giving your attention to what makes you feel good is the most effective way to provide the opimum environment for unhindered cellular communication and a good-feeling body!

When you're happy, your body is happy!    When our vibration is predominantly negative and resistant, we are pinching ourselves and our bodies off from the Stream of Well-Being.  Our cells are meant to thrive!

Your physical body is the perfect reflection of not only your predominant thoughts about it, but your thoughts about everything else as well.  Every thought we think produces a vibrational ripple that travels through each and every cell.  Negative thoughts produce vibrational discord that interferes with the cells receiving the Source-level intelligence and guidance they need. 

So, just as we know it's a good idea to drink water at the first sign of thirst, maintaining your well-being, avoiding's a great idea to change our thoughts at the first sign of negative emotion!  It's important to remember that a negative or resistant thought literally pinches off the Source-level Flow of Well-being to the cells themselves. We often allow ourselves to withstand negative emotion for quite long periods of time ("moods"), but this is really not optimal for the cells of our body!  The body becomes vulnerable to dis-ease...lack of ease!  (vibrational discord) Remember, if we're feeling negative emotion, it means we are not in alignment with our Inner Being, and we are not viewing whatever it is that has our attention through the eyes of Source! 

But, what happens when we are suffering from some physical illness? Because we are such great problem solvers and because we have been trained to stay focused on the problem at hand, we are often unaware of how powerful the body/mind connection is!  When we are experiencing a physical ailment, we tend to let our physical conditions dictate our mental attitude and emotional state of being.  So when we are thinking about our ailment, we are often experiencing anxiety, frustration, worry, anger, or fear.  We want evidence of an improved physical condition so that we can feel better!  We want the body to feel better so that we can feel better!

It actually works just the opposite! If you can find a way to feel-better even though you are in pain, even though your body doesn't feel good, your cells, because of their connection to Source Energy, know exactly what to do to re-establish balance in the body.  In the absence of negative, resistant thought, your body's cells are very busy, receiving up-to-the-moment guidance and instruction from Source Energy to bring the entire system back into perfect thriving and well-being.

So...what to do?  If you just can't find a better-feeling thought about your predicament, get your attention off the pain, off the illness.  Distract yourself!  Find something pleasing that you can focus your attention on that will begin to elevate your frequency and have you feeling better...even though the pain or the illness is still very much in evidence.  Move your attention to what is working about your body, your life...what you can appreciate about right here and right now!  Now, you are moving your physical self in the direction of alignment with your Non-physical Source-Level Being!

Stay tuned in...more to come on Physical Well-Being...

Blessings always,  Carol 

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