Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Your "vibrational response"...what you're thinking and most importantly, feeling about your current physical condition is the essence of your own self-healing power! 

Imagine that you are going for a routine check-up at the doctor's office.  You know that you are going to have your blood pressure taken.  You are anxious about this because of many of the collective beliefs held and strongly transmitted by the media, as well as beliefs you've picked up along the way...
Perhaps, someone, a friend or a relative already has high blood pressure.
Perhaps you believe in the theory that it's all in the genes.
Perhaps you are of the "age" when high blood pressure is believed to be a common occurrence. 
Perhaps you are thinking of the things you are presently doing (diet, lack of exercise, etc.) that we've been taught to believe inevitably cause high blood pressure. 
Or, perhaps you view yourself as healthy but know that the purpose of the examination is to find out if anything is wrong with you, and since you believe that what they are looking for, they will're anxious!

So, now, you are told that your blood pressure is high! Further, now that our blood pressure tested high, you are told to monitor your blood pressure by taking it regularly. Now, you are very focused on your blood pressure and  having anxious, fearful, frustrated feelings about your body! Since you get what you think about or focus upon, you are now attracting experiences which reflect the negative feelings you are emanating...more evidence of high blood pressure!

When you really understand that you are first and foremost a Vibrational Being...

and when you really understand that your thoughts and the feelings you are having about what it is you are focused upon determine the vibrational frequency that you are emitting...

and when you realize that the Universal Law of Attraction is bringing to you experiences that match your dominant vibrational frequency...

and when your dominant intention is to tune your vibrational frequency to that of the Source Within you (Love, Joy, Limitlessness, Peace, etc.) ...

and when you understand and decide that nothing is more important than feeling good and focusing on good-feeling thoughts...

YOU will provide the perfect basis for your cells to thrive!

However, we've been well-trained to rely on solutions outside of ourselves.  We've been well-trained to notice the symptoms, analyze our physical condition, and then look to someone else to prescribe a medicine to take.  This is the medical model that we are most familiar with. Now, let's be clear...I am NOT saying there is anything wrong with that model...especially when you whole-heartedly believe that the prescribed medicine, no matter what form it takes, will help you move in the direction of well-being! 

What I AM saying is that YOU have a much bigger part to play in your own health and well-being than you may know!  There is so much available knowledge about the mind-body connection, biofeedback technology, the power of positive thinking and the wonderful ideas of holistic medicine that encourage treating and empowering the person who has the disease instead of merely treating the disease that has the person.

However, we all have a habit of thinking that our well-being depends on something external to ourselves...and so we manifest evidence that this is true!  Our anxiety about our physical condition is heightened further by the numerous and unpredictable side-effects of the prescribed medicine as well as our beliefs in the inevitability of sickness and our need for health insurance.  We've been well-trained to feel powerless and afraid when it comes to our very own personal relationship with the well-being our physical body! 

It's so important to understand that: 
...when you are in alignment and in communication with your Inner Being, with Source Energy,
...when you keep your focus on that which makes you feel good,
hopeful, empowered,
...the cells of your physical body know exactly what to do in order to maintain or re-establish balance.

We call it miraculous, but if we are not getting in the way...not indulging in negative, resistant emotional energy which pinches us off...this magnificent, powerful, life-giving Stream of Well-Being is flowing into us every single minute, with every single breath we take!  The intelligence contained within our cells is limitless!

You could think of dis-ease (lack of ease) as an "indicator" that we are experiencing enough vibrational discord (negative feelings in some areas of our life, and have been for quite some time), for it to show up (manifest in form) as imbalance in our physical body.  Even worrying and fretting and trying to control different aspects of our lives creates a kind of chronic vibrational discord that greatly weakens our immune system.

The Non-physical Source Energy within us...our Inner Being... is not worried or fretting!   It knows that ALL IS WELL! 

And even though doctors prescribe medicine that cures one ailment in a patient, unless the vibrational relationship between the physical Being (patient) and Source Energy is considered...and the resistance/negativity that disallowed the flow of Well-being to begin with is not released, it will show up in the form of another disease! 

So...consider this:  If you aren't busy thinking negative/resistant/limiting/ thoughts, because of their connection to the intelligence of Source Energy (the Energy that Creates Worlds!), your cells are receiving up-to-the-minute guidance about keeping your physical body healthy!

So, no matter what physical condition/ailment you have,
                                 conduct your own experiment in healing yourself! 

Pay attention to what you are thinking about your situation...your own opinions, beliefs, expectations, etc. 

Pay attention to how your thoughts about your situation make you feel!

Reach for a better-feeling way to view your situation...

Change your thoughts (frequency)...and watch what happens!

Blessings of Well-being and Abundance,
Carol  :-)

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