Thursday, March 29, 2012


The only relationship that matters is your own personal relationship with Source!

Remember, you are, first and foremost, a Magnificent Vibrational Being!

Remember...there actually are TWO OF YOU!  There is the physical you that you are familiar with...the part of you that resides in a physical body with your own unique perspective of life.  There is also the Non-physical You...the vibrational energy part of you that is an extension of Source Energy...the part that some call "Soul", or "Spirit" or "Inner Being."

Most people think that they are either one or the other, but the reality is that the Source Energy you came forth from, the Non-physical part of you, still exists, even while you are here in your body!  It is constantly flowing to you!

It is the relationship between you and YOU that matters!  When the physical you is aligned and in a positive relationship with the Non-physical YOU, you are One with the Power that Creates Worlds!

When we are aligned with our Inner Being...which means we are feeling positive emotions...and we are allowing the Stream of Well-Being and Abundance that is flowing into us every day, all day.  We feel GOOD!  We feel powerful, loving, loveable, loved, free, frisky, content with what is yet eager for more, tuned in and turned on!  (or somewhere in the vicinity of these kinds of states of being)

When we are feeling less than that...not so good...we simply are separating ourselves or pinching ourselves off from that ever-present, life-giving, life-affirming vibrational energy that is our Soul, our Inner Being, our Non-physical Self. This is because, if we are thinking negative, limited thoughts, we are focused in a way that is  very different from our Inner Being. We are holding a perspective that is not in harmony with our Inner Being.
So, instead of being in a state of allowing that wonderful, nourishing Pure Positive Energy to flow into us, we are in a state of resistance and we are vibrating at a very different frequency than that of our Inner Being.

Your Inner Being is calling you "Home" to everything you desire, each and every moment!  You could think of the Non-physical part of you that is Source energy as this massive swirling, spinning, vibrational, magnetic field of Pure Positive energy that contains the power that creates worlds...a magnificent vortex of creation! (This term comes from Abraham and I love the image of Source that it creates!)  It is pure Love, pure Joy, and Infinite Intelligence! It is powerful! This is your vibrational reality...who you really are! This is the realm where you actually reside and come from and this is what you will return to when you experience your transition back into Non-physical...what we call "death".

And, this non-physical vibrational reality precedes all physical manifestation!  It is the powerful creative energy field that contains the vibrational equivalent of each and every desire you have been emanating in your requests to Source. Every preference, every dream, every wish, every prayer for positive improvement in your life, that you have ever thought, even before you came into this physical body, is contained within this vortex of creation that IS SOURCE ENERGY!  Every single bit of the physical reality that you can see, taste, touch, hear and feel, is vibrational energy.  Every single bit of what we call physical reality began as an idea, a thought, a vibration! 

AND...this vibrational reality is always present tense!  Law of Attraction is already amassing all cooperative components to your new request!  What you want is already in the process of becoming a physical reality.  In other words, what is is already old news!  The new and improved condition or situation already exists, just waiting for you to get up to speed with it...waiting for YOU  to be a cooperative component...waiting for you to align your frequency with what it is you desire!

What does this mean?  It means that every time you experience something that you know you don't want, you immediately know what you DO want and a vibrational request goes out (emanates from you) to Source!  You don't have to ask in words because you are always  communicating vibrationally! And the Source receives your vibrational request and immediately responds! 

So, when your experience is one of not having enough money, for example, you know what you don't want (lack of money) and you know what you DO want (more money)!  And if you would relax, chill out, open, trust, have faith, feel hopeful and hold a positive expectation that your request has been received and answered and is already on its way to you, evidence of more money would begin to manifest in your experience!

However, we all suffer from "what-is-itis"!  That is, our awareness of what is current in our physical experience dominates our attention....we stay focused on the balance in our checkbook, the bills that are piling up, the fact that we've never seemed to have enough money, the unfairness that others seem to have more than their fair share of money, and we can't imagine where the money is going to come from, or how, or when!  So, we're feeling mostly frustrated, worried, and where near the pure positive frequency of our Inner Being.  So, even if the money or opportunity to create more money showed up in our experience, we wouldn't be able to see it!  All we're seeing is "lack".  We are pinching ourselves off from the vibrational reality of our Source!

So, as you ponder all this, you will begin to realize why our beliefs and expectations are so very important to the creative process! 

The Law of Attraction is always busy giving us more of what we are focused upon!  So, if we do not believe in the power and love of our Inner Being...if we do not believe that our request has already been answered...

...if we, therefore, do not expect to see evidence of what we have asked for begin to show up...then, we are still focused on what we don't want and we are not vibrating on the frequency that is aligned with our Inner Being and hence, we are unable to see what is flowing into our experience.  We simply aren't tapped in, tuned in or turned on!

This is why it is so empowering to wake up each morning and say:

Today, no matter where I am, what I'm doing or who I'm with, I'm going to look for things that make me feel good! 

I'm going to look for evidence that my heart's desire is being fulfilled! 

I'm going to practice focusing on things that make me happy!

I'm going to practice imagining and feeling what I am wanting! 

I'm choosing to believe that all is unfolding perfectly. 

I'm going to chill out, relax and trust in the Goodness, the Love, the Intelligent Knowing, the Power of my Source!...or some version of this!

Now, you are in alignment with your Inner Being.
Now, you are a cooperative component to all that you desire.
Now, you will experience the profound satisfaction of deliberately creating
                                                                   your own desired experience!
Now, you're having a love affair with your Inner Being...the
                                                                                          that matters!
Blessings of Alignment!
Carol  :-)


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