Tuesday, March 27, 2012


A dear friend sent me the following email which inspired this post:

"I am continually amazed, horrified, surprised, chagrined...you name it...at how practiced I am at negative, limiting thinking!!! We all are! It's a habit that really, really doesn't serve us anymore. It's particularly triggered when we're anxious or afraid because, after all, we are born problem solvers and it just makes sense to try very hard to anticipate anything else that could go wrong, when we're already feeling vulnerable...it's protective...so we think!"

Staying aware of what we're thinking is almost impossible, largely due to the role of the unconscious mind. However, it is quite easy to stay aware of how you are FEELING...easy as asking yourself, "how am I feeling right now...right now...right now?" THEN, we can either milk the GOOD FEELING and bask in the deliciousness of feeling good or if we're OFF in any way...THAT's when turning our attention to whatever it is we are focused on or thinking about helps. It helps cuz, one, it really brings home the connection between our thoughts and feelings....and two, we then have a choice to either find a better-feeling thought about what we're focused on...OR...change our focus altogether in order to feel better.

Also, we're more accustomed to caring more about what we think than about what we are feeling! Even our "feeling" vocabulary is kinda sparse!  I've found it simpler to check in with myself and ask..."feels good" or "not so good".  If I become aware that I'm feeling "not so good", then I can pay attention to what is it I'm focused upon, what I'm thinking about what I'm focused upon, and reach for a better-feeling perspective.

The hardest thing to overcome (myself included always) is to remember that we are worthy of being happy...that we deserve to feel good...that we were born that way: worthy and knowing that feeling good was what it was all about...babies and small children get this. That's why it's about remembering. We already know, but in our years travelling on our physical trail...being influenced by others who were totally disconnected themselves...taking the path of least resistance which guaranteed our survival...we managed to disconnect from our own guidance system (feelings) and our own knowing (Inner Being).

Seriously, I don't ever remember anyone telling me that I was supposed to be happy...that it was okay for me to care about my own happiness! NOW it's what matters the most...and WITH PRACTICE, I'm getting better each and every day at pivoting...at recognizing what I'm feeling/thinking and shifting my focus or finding a better-feeling way to look at what's right in front of me!"

Feeling good really does take practice!

Caring about yourself enough to recognize that you are worthy of feeling good, deserve to feel good and want to feel good...THIS takes practice!

Hang out with children and let them be your master teachers at all this!
   (young children...up to age 5)

We arrived here on planet earth, in this time/space reality
    totally turned on, tuned in and eager for more!

I know this is what the great master teacher, Jesus, meant when he said, "Except you become as a little child, you cannot know the kingdom of heaven."  He was calling us to remember that we knew...we forgot...and now we must remember again! 

Blessings each and every moment!
Carol  :-)

p.s.  With gratitude to Susan...for caring and sharing!

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