Thursday, March 1, 2012


So, just for a moment, let's focus on the experience of energy! Think about being around very happy, playful, over-the-top exuberant children. Imagine you have been assigned the task of drawing what their energy looks like on a seismograph (like the kind they use to monitor the intensity of earthquakes). This extremely joyful energy (high, high frequency) would have very high, pointy peaks, very close together, very dramatic, yes? Then, imagine being around someone who is depressed, despondent, or extremely sad and imagine drawing what their energy would look like. It would not have spikey peaks and deep low valleys, but rather slowly undulating, low rounded curves, far apart. Can you picture this?

Think about your own sensitivity to energy. You are aware of when your energy is high and when it is low, aren't you?  You can often sense others' energy even before you see or hear anything. You can feel your own or others' or even your pet's energy change. We call this change in energy, "moods" or "attitudes". You can also sense the energy of your environment, whether it's a room you walk into or a place in Nature.  Life in physical form is manifested energy! And we have wonderful senses that interpret this energy all the time(talked about in my previous post). We also have what we call "intuition", which is our sixth sensory "energy interpreter".

We experience emotional energy, or feelings with each and every thought we have about each and every experience we have. The stronger the thoughts, the stronger our feelings. I really encourage you to become sensitive to how you are feeling about what you are thinking. Stop and ask yourself often, "how am I feeling right now?"  "How does that thought FEEL?" Pay attention to your "mood".  Try and at least get a sense of whether you are feeling good or less than good...and begin to expand your vocabulary to describe your feeling states of being. And then, look at what you are focused on or thinking about. The connection between your thoughts and feelings will become very apparent...and very important. Stay with me....

Now, we've learned to think that we are having certain feelings because of something that is occuring outside ourselves. We feel a certain way and we look for what has caused or is responsible for this feeling. So, if we are happy, we think we are happy about x,y, or z. If we are sad or angry or fearful, we think we are having these feelings because of x,y, or z. comes the really, really GREAT part....

Your emotions actually are a wonderful inner guidance system, designed to give you on-going feedback about how the relationship between you and You is doing...between the physical part of You and your Nonphysical Inner Being. Your emotions are telling you how closely aligned your frequency is with that of your Inner Being!

Your Inner Being is vibrating at a very high, high, high (!) frequency of Unconditioinal Love, Pure Joy, Infinite Knowing, and Limitless Creative PowerWhen you are feeling happy, eager, excited, hopeful, positive, etc., you are within range of that wondrous Source-level  Pure Positive Energy. You are aligned with the Energy That Creates Worlds! When you are feeling unhappy, frustrated, overwhelmed, worried, sad, frightened, etc. you are very, very far apart, vibrationally, from your Inner Being.

When you are being critical of yourself or others and you feel bad, your frequency is way out of whack! Why?    Because your Inner Being Loves Unconditionally...without any conditions! Your Inner Being ADORES YOU and everyone else. So if you are thinking thoughts about yourself that are generating feelings of unworthiness, your Inner Being cannot and will not join you at that frequency!  Your negative feelings are reflecting the gap you are experiencing between you and You.

You're feeling bad because your Inner Being is calling you home to Joy, home to Love...and you aren't letting yourself go!
When you are feeling any kind of negative emotion, it means that Your Inner Being has a very different perspective about whatever it is that you are focused upon or thinking about! 

Often, if I'm feeling a bit "off", I stop and look at what I'm focused on and then open myself to considering the question, "How might my Inner Being be looking at this? What would a Source-level perspective be? I want to look at this through the eyes of Love!

With your own wonderful, brilliant emotional guidance system, you are able to be constantly aware of how your relationship with your Inner Being is doing. You are able to make an adjustment in your own focus, which is as easy as choosing to think a better-feeling thought about whatever you are presently experiencing! You are free to focus in a way that brings you relief and makes you feel better. And just wanting to think a better-feeling thought activates the Law of Attraction, and good-feeling thoughts start to multiply! 

Your Inner Being is always calling you towards joyful well-being!   You are free to, thought by thought, come into alignment with your own Pure Positive Source Energy, creating a state of being that is tuned in, turned on, and filled with positive energy. You are free to choose happiness!
You are free to look for things that feel good, no matter what!

It's one thing to have something wonderful or not so wonderful come into your life experience and have no clue how or why it came to be. This is "creating by default".  We're doing it most of the time. We're not aware of our vibration and what we are attracting into our experience. 

BUT...It is so absolutely deliciously exhilarating to KNOW that you have been deliberately lining up vibrationally with something that you really, really want, eagerly anticipating it, hanging out in the vibration of abundant hope and expectancy, imagining how happy you will be when it manifests...and then...have it show up in your experience! 

Have FUN with all this!  I often play the game "Wouldn't it be nice if...?"  I think about all kinds of positive things I'd like to experience in my reality and then I watch for them to show up.  And when they do, I say..."I did that!"

Blessings, Carol  :-)

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