Friday, February 24, 2012


There is a Stream of Well-Being and Abundance flowing into us, all day, every day!
There is NO stream of "illness" or "poverty (lack)"!

Now, don't those ideas FEEL GOOD? 

So, WHY would we not be experiencing this wondrous Stream of Well-Being and Abundance?  Because we are pinching ourselves off from it! 

How?  By thinking thoughts that don't feel good! 

          By thinking thoughts that are limiting and negative!

          By holding onto beliefs that don't reflect the Loveliness that We Are!

Today, may you take some time to RELAX!  May you give yourself
                                                                   the Pause that Refreshes!

     STOP!  for 15 minutes   and BREATHE in this "stream"!
                         GO TO YOUR HAPPY PLACE IN YOUR MIND!

One of my favorite things to do is imagine that I am lying down in a canoe that is floating gently down a stream, on a picture-perfect day, comfy and cozy, open and relaxed, breathing in this stream of well-being and abundance, filled with trust that this Stream of Life-Giving Energy is taking me somewhere simply wonderful!

Either I focus on my breath or think thoughts of appreciation about my life! I don't allow myself to think anything else...just happy thoughts!  And if I can't think happy thoughts, I bring my focus back to breathing in Pure Positive Energy and breathing out any resistance!

Just 15 minutes!  And, I remember that All is Well, and I feel refreshed!

This is my wish for you today!  Blessings Abound!

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