Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Beliefs are very powerful!

Do you know that by giving something enough of your attention, the essence of what you have been giving thought to, will eventually become a physical manifestation? This is the beginning of the creative process! Eventually, we create what we have been focused on.  For example, remember when no one believed it was possible for a human to run a mile in under five minutes?  Well, it only took one person to hold the focus long enough to actually succeed!  This is how it works! There are so many instances where one person decides to challenge the status quo and show that what we  believe to be "true", actually isn't!

And, do you know that when others observe your physical manifestation, through their attention to it, they actually help it to expand? Taking the running example further, many atheletes went on to break that record!  And look how easily fear becomes epidemic as more and more people decide to believe in the prevailing idea.

And…do you know that, in time, this manifestation to which all these people have been giving their attention, becomes what we collectively call “truth” or “reality”? (whether it is wanted or unwanted)
Here's a great example:
Because we have assigned the labels "truth" or "reality" to the collective beliefs we hold about "aging", many of which have been passed down
generationally, we see many people manifesting the same illnesses and conditions.  We have given so much of our attention to these "realities", by worrying about them, expecting them, or by engaging in various health-related regimens designed to avoid them!  Regardless of how we each react, these so-called "truths" have gotten our attention...and the resulting manifestations apear to validate these seeming inevitable "realities"...despite other "contraindications" offered by scientifically proven data.

If you take time to ponder this, you will understand why "truth" seems to change alot! It will also help you to understand why we each seem to live in our own individual "reality", even though we are connected through "shared realities".

We're all doing alot of thinking!  And "beliefs" are simply thoughts that we keep thinking alot about!  A belief is simply a thought we are giving alot of attention to, consciously or unconsciously.

So... Why not choose those beliefs that make you FEEL GOOD!  
Choose to believe that which empowers you, inspires you, uplifts you and makes you feel like the infinite, powerful, vibrational being that you are!

Choose to believe what makes you feel worthy, strong, beautiful, free, loved!

Choose to believe what makes you feel safe and secure!

Choose to believe what makes you happy!

Why?  Because it's YOUR CHOICE what you give your attention to!
And then, watch how your experience changes!  Watch what begins to show up in your life, your health, your relationships, your work...

And if something unwanted shows up in your life...something that doesn't FEEL GOOD, take a moment to change what you are thinking or focusing on or believing...think a better-feeling thought...and watch for what happens next!  Try it!  You'll like it!

Carol :-)


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