Monday, February 27, 2012


Now, here are some wonderfully good feeling thoughts:

You are Source Energy and part of You has come forth into this hunk of flesh and blood and bones that you call your physical body!  To use a Biblical phrase, You Are God Incarnate!  You've heard that before if you've had any religious indoctrination along your physical trail.  It's a really magnificent, good-feeling idea to wrap your head around!  But given how we have been experiencing and observing life around us...our own and's understandable that we don't believe it is true.  So, just for a little bit, I'm asking you to play with the idea of "what if it IS true"?

So...If you are an extension of Source Energy, then there are actually TWO of YOU! There's the larger Nonphysical, Source-Energy part of you, which you might call "Spirit", or "Soul", or I like the term, "Inner Being"...and then there's the Physical you, which is the part of the Source Energy You who is here in this unique, one-of-a-kind physical body and personality.   And wonder of wonders, as you, in your physical body expand and become more, the Source of All That Is, the Power that Creates Worlds, expands as well! This is why you've come to this physical time/space reality...for the thrill of becoming more...for the joy of creating, here in physical form. 

So here you are, sorting through all your life experiences, deciding what you don't want and getting clearer about what you DO want!  And BOTH parts of You have a perspective of each and every experience you are having. These two parts of You...the Source Energy You and the Physical You are in constant relationship with one another all the are always connected to You!  You are always connected to and in relationship with your Inner Being.

The part of You that is here in this body is also a vibrational, energetic being. In fact, everything here in manifested physical form is ENERGY!  What you see, taste, touch, smell, and hear is energy being translated or interpreted.  You use your senses as wonderful "vibrational interpreters."
We are experiencing the different vibrations and interpreting them through our eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and capacity to physically feel things.  There are also many vibrations that are beyond the capacity of our senses to waves, microwaves, and certain decibles of sound, for example. And because we are such unique individuals, some people are more sensitive to certain vibrations.  Even our animals have their own vibrational interpretations.

  As I've talked about in earlier posts, you are an electromagnetic being who is radiating, emanating energy all the time.  The energy you are radiating (your aura) reflects the emotions you are feeling.  And this energy becomes the frequency you are sending out to the Universe...your point of attraction!  So when we observe something through our wondrous senses, we are also experiencing thoughts and feelings about what we are observing...positive and negative.  We are sorting out what we want and what we don't want...what we like and what we don't like.  The variety of experiences we have, here in this time/space reality, offers us endless choices.  And even if we don't formulate our preferences in words, our requests emanate out from us...and our Source responds to the vibrational signal we send out.

We ask and it is given...And the only reason that we don't experience receiving what it is that we are asking for or what it is that we are trying to deliberately because we have a stronger habit of focusing on what it is we don't want, than focusing on what it is we DO want. Our signals that we are sending out are mixed. So, we don't see, taste, touch, hear, feel the manifested form!

Remember - we get what we focus upon! So, the real challenge is learning how to hold a focus on what it is we really want to create...on the solution that is on its way!  When we are only thinking about all the different ways we will feel better when what we want manifests, THAT is when our frequency matches up with and attracts what it is we are wanting.  Our "creation" is already an idea, already a vibration...and since we want it because we believe that in the having of it, we will feel better...all we have to do is focus on how we will feel when what we are wanting manifests...hold that vibrational frequency...appreciate what is...and eagerly anticipate what's coming into manifestation. If we are fretting, or worrying, or feeling frustrated and impatient, doubtful...any negative emotions...then the energy emanating from us reflects THAT. just takes practice!  More to come...:-)

 You ARE an extension of Source Energy

Contained within you is everything you need to be, or do or have

Blessings, Carol :-)


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