Monday, February 20, 2012


"Appreciation" is a feeling that carries a very high frequency! 

When we are in a state of appreciation, we FEEL GOOD!  It's even a higher frequency than "gratitude" because often when we are feeling grateful, the vibration we are emitting is mixed with a little negativity (thoughts of lack) because we are also remembering some difficulty or hardship we had to go through and now, we are "grateful" for what has transpired. 

But, when we are letting ourselves look around our own world and are looking for things and people and circumstances that we truly appreciate, basking in all that pleases us and is going well, we are filled to the brim with and radiating happiness or contentment!

Try starting your day with this affirmation:

Today, no matter where I am, what I'm doing or whom I'm with, I'm going to look for things that feel good...for things I can appreciate!"

Two things will start to happen and I'll briefly explain why! 

First - You will immediately begin to feel better, more at peace, more abundant, more hopeful...about yourself and your own reality. You'll begin to feel a greater sense of well-being!  Try it!  Remember, words really don't teach, but experience does, so I will always be encouraging you to check these ideas out!

The reason you will start to feel better is that every cell in your body is being flooded with good-feeling energy!  The Japanese scientist, Masaru Emoto, in his bestselling book, The Hidden Messages in Water, discovered that crystals formed in frozen water reveal changes, when specific, concentrated thoughts are directed toward them.  Emoto's amazing photography of the frozen water revealed the most breath-takingly beautiful configurations of crystals from words of appreciation and love!  The frozen water crystals, exposed to negative words and thoughts, were deformed, misshapened or non-existent!  Since the cells of our physical bodies consist of at least 70% water, this work has proved that the thoughts we are thinking profoundly affect our health and well-being.

Second - As you begin to really focus on things to appreciate, the number of things you discover will start to increase exponentially!  As you move through your day, consciously looking for positive aspects of the people you interact with, the circumstances you find yourself in, as well as your own emotional, mental and physical state of being, you will discover more and more thoughts of appreciation coming your way! 

Why? Because just as powerful and reliable and dependable as the Law of Gravity, there is another universal law...the Law of Attraction. We actually are aware of this law from the well-known expression, "Birds of a feather, flock together!"  It's happening all the time! Since thoughts are generating tiny electrical impulses throughout our bodies and producing the energies of emotions, the Universe is orchestrating a dance of energies whereby "that which is like unto itself, is drawn"! Like energy attracts like energy!  So, as you begin to think of things you appreciate, the Universe  actually starts bringing you more thoughts of appreciation and it becomes easier and easier to find things to appreciate! (more about the Law of Attraction in my next post)

Now, you'd think this would always be easy to do, but when you are stuck in a negative mood around a certain subject, it seems very difficult to come up with anything that you appreciate!  This is because the vibration you are emitting about that particular subject is way too far away from the frequency of "appreciation".  So, the first thing you have to do is focus on something else that is much easier for you to find positive aspects or thoughts of appreciation. Otherwise, if you are having negative thoughts, the Law of Attraction will bring you more of those!  YIKES!

For example, sometimes I begin with how much I appreciate Phineas and my loveable cat. Sometimes, as I'm lying in my bed in the morning, I start with how much I appreciate that I have a cozy bed, a roof over my head, hot running water, enough to eat!  Before I know it, I'm able to expand my thinking to many, many other positive, feel-good thoughts about different areas of my life!  I can feel my energy shift and now, I'm ready to begin the day!  Inevitably, my day goes much better now, as I'm already more practised in holding a positive focus.

So, if you want to become a conscious deliberate creator of your life experiences, it's important to get to know your own mind and stay aware, moment to moment of the thoughts you are thinking.  Even more important, stay aware of how you are FEELING!   Your feelings become your own
"emotional indicator" of the energy/vibration you are emanating and therefore, the kinds of experiences you are attracting into your life
(more on this later!)  

So, the most important energetic promise you could ever make to yourself is to look for things that feel good!  All day, everyday! It does take practice!  We've trained ourselves to be really good "problem solvers" and we believe that anticipating what might go wrong is to our advantage in avoiding other future problems.  But the frequency of "problems" is always negative and much different than the frequency of "solutions".  We also have a habit of focusing more on what we don't want than on what we do want! And so, we tend to create more of what we do not want! (like energy attracts like energy, remember?)

So, keep it simple.  Keep it fun and light-hearted!  Experiment with all this!
Look for things that feel good and pay attention to what shows up in your experience.  Pay attention to your thoughts, beliefs, opinions and especially, your feelings on different subjects and issues as your day unfolds! 

And always remember:

                                      This is your Power and your Freedom!

Powerful Blessings,
Carol :-)

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