Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Just like the Law of Gravity, Law of Attraction is powerful, and completely dependable and reliable!  It is governing the movement of energy, responding to the frequency we are emitting!  In our day to day life, we are familiar with the expression, "birds of a feather flock together"!  This is because "like energy attracts like energy"!  So, it is always true that no matter what is manifesting in your experience, there is a corresponding frequency that you are emitting.
It is simple and yet a bit complicated! Depending on the issue that you are focused on, and how you are thinking about that issue/experience/circumstance, your vibration changes or is mixed. And since we are not always aware of our thoughts on certain subjects, we are often surprised by what shows up in our experience, saying to ourselves..."I certainly had nothing to do with that happening!" But we did! We just were not staying aware of what we were thinking and feeling about that particular subject. This is what I mean by "creating by default".

This is why BELIEFS are very, very powerful because a belief is really a thought that you keep thinking!   And the more you focus on that thought, the more energy you are giving to it and the stronger your point of attraction. And, before you know it, what you were thinking about becomes manifested into what you call “reality”!  And then, you pronounce your belief to be TRUE! You could think of a “belief” as a habit of thought you’ve got going relative to a particular subject. And we all have so many beliefs about so many different subjects, many of which are conflicting with one another, that often our vibration emanating from us is very mixed.

Some of our beliefs serve us very well and create positive, uplifting, empowering emotions and experiences. Many of our beliefs, however, do not serve us so well because they greatly limit us in what we think is possible in the realm of creation. Put simply, if we believe something is impossible, it is! That’s how powerful beliefs are! And, remember the children's book, “The Little Engine That Could”? “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!” So…we CAN!

Many beliefs are passed down, generation after generation, and they gain momentum (energy) along the way. We look for physical evidence to tell us what is true. We’ve been trained well in this regard. So, when a number of people believe in something long enough, and the Law of Attraction brings them experiences of physical evidence, it’s understandable that they conclude that the “belief” is “true”.

Much of our experience of the aging process is a great example of how collectively held beliefs dictate what we each individually experience for ourselves. Not only are we taught that there are certain “givens” that we should expect as we grow older, like the pain of arthritis and diminishment of eye sight, strength, and memory, we are also taught that we should worry about “inheriting” certain illnesses and conditions that our predecessors had! So, isn’t it refreshing and empowering to learn that each of us actually has the power to create our own experience? And, can you see now why there are as many different realities here on planet earth as there are people?

Now, when I say the Law of Attraction is as powerful, reliable and dependable as the Law of Gravity…I mean it! This is a wonderful thing because you can conduct your own experiment and test it out yourself. In fact, life has already provided you with endless experiences that have been showing you what a powerful creator you are. 

Almost everyone has had some form of experience where they were thinking about someone, and the phone rings and it’s that person! Almost everyone has awakened to begin their day, had something go wrong right off the bat, felt discouraged or annoyed, pronounced that the day was not going to go well, and then, by the end of the day had accumulated enough negative experiences to conclude that “see, I was right!”. We do this all the time but simply aren’t aware of the magnificent creative geniuses that we are! Once you become aware of the power of your individual focus, thoughts, beliefs etc., you will begin to see evidence of this all over the place! TRY IT! HAVE FUN WITH THIS!

And remember you are soooo loved!  :-)


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