Friday, February 17, 2012


WELCOME!  I'm delighted you have come to visit!
                                 May you have a glorious day today!

I'm writing this blog because my cup runneth over! :-)

…because I can’t contain what I know any longer!
…because I’m excited that those who are meant to discover this blog, will!
…because I passionately know that I am to let what keeps pouring into me come into expression!
…because it makes me so happy to personally offer a positive, empowering, uplifting, joy-filled, irresistible message about THE POWER OF WHO WE REALLY ARE!
…because I want to sing this song of Joy!


This blog is for those who have been asking the “Alfie” questions their whole lives! Who am I? What IS this Life about? I’m seeking to attract those who are searching for more, eager for more understanding of the “bigger picture” of this thing we call “Life”, a broader perspective about who we really are as human beings…who know there is more to life than what we can see, taste, touch, hear and smell.

This message is for those who are still “young at heart”, curious, eager to know more, who are on their own “growing edge”! It is for those who want to rediscover the innate knowing, eagerness, invincibility and power of imagination they experienced when they were little and who love exploring leading-edge, expansive, empowering, uplifting, inspiring ideas!

It is for those who experience a profound ache in their hearts when they view the suffering of humanity and genuinely want to understand and know what they can do to truly help and uplift others!

I’m reaching for folks who are interested in creating well-being, joy, and abundance, in their own and others’ lives - who care deeply about the person they are becoming and the life they are creating…their physical health, their finances, their relationships, their work, etc.

It is for those who want to be turned on, tuned in and excited about discovering how to be deliberate creators of their own life experience!

I’m looking for cosmic playmates and leading-edge thinkers!

                      Phineas...My 4-Legged, One-Year-Old Cosmic Playmate!
                                                                (almost 100 pounds!)


    Hard to believe he was THIS little…8 weeks old, 9 pounds! A bundle of Pure Positive Energy who has brought me so much Joy! He is my constant companion, personal fitness trainer, and master teacher! Every day, every moment, he is reflecting back to me exactly what frequency I’m emitting! If I’m “off”, even a little bit, his demeanor, the expression on his face and his behavior changes to show me I need to adjust my energy to a more positive frequency.  He also commands me to stand in my power and BE THE PACK LEADER! Otherwise, he very swiftly and quite competently takes over, becoming very large and in-charge! :-)  He has taught me to hold a positive focus, to be kind, to be patient and to expect things to go well! He is always in the moment and shows me how to thoroughly enjoy being alive!

Always Blessings,
Carol  :-)


  1. Carol, good luck with your new frequency!

  2. I have slurped up your blog like a giant cold glass of blackberry sage ice tea on a warmish, windy Summer day. Fabulous. I will try to go through my day tomorrow looking for things to appreciate and focusing solely on the positive aspects of my day. Can't wait to try it out.

    Thanks for the inspiration and know that I was drawn here to your message today.

    Best to you,


    1. Dear Bridgette! Bless your sweet heart...and thankyou for leaving such a wonderful message! Let me know how you're doing!
      How delightful that this was such a nourishing experience for you!