Sunday, February 19, 2012


Ever since I was a little girl, I just wanted everyone around me to feel better!
And I had so many questions about why things were the way they were!  None of it made any sense to me and certainly didn't feel good! Now, I understand how the very circumstances I encountered when I arrived here on planet hitting the ground running...served as the powerful catalyst of my own becoming who I am today.  My desire to find answers was born out of my passionate protest that what I was experiencing was NOT what I wanted, for me or for anyone!  Today, I can bless it all, understand it all, and share my joyful discoveries!  

I feel like I can remember the moment I gazed around at my birth family…my seriously depressed, alcoholic and eventually diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic mother, my high-functioning, ambitious, abusive alcoholic father, and my two younger brothers who, along with me, suffered the effects of such dysfunction…and I was aghast, confused, outraged and terribly sad at what I witnessed and experienced! I was bound and determined to study and learn everything I could to ease my own and others’ pain and confusion.  After several decades of searching, this blog is all about the wonderful, impassioned, empowered place I have arrived.

I began my journey towards physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being and abundance by completing a master’s degree in counseling. After several years of working in traditional settings, I expanded my studies in the direction of spirituality and alternative healing, always seeking to understand the cause of human suffering. I was blessed with an innate “knowing” that there was a Source, a God, from which All That Is Life originated…and that it was PURELY GOOD. I also knew that not only was I connected to that Pure Positive Energy but it also was pouring into me and through me all the time.  And yet, the presence of humanity’s suffering and hardships (my own included), and the seeming injustices and inequities, continued to perplex, frustrate and sadden me.

After years of exploration and study, my travels led me more and more deeply inward and I began to meditate and listen to my own deeply inner voice. I had exhausted my search of books, ancient and current teachers and spiritual sages, workshops and retreats, energy-healing modalities, therapists, astrologers and psychics, quantum physics, etc. By letting myself be quieted and following my own intuitive hunches, I was led to the broadest, most reasonable, most understandable, joyous and empowering perspective I have ever discovered! Check out! With practice, it works!!!

Energy!  It's all about vibrational energy!  Life is energy in physical form!

It is this powerful "knowing" that I now share with you, so that you, too, can Change Your Frequency and Change Your Life!

I presently work and live in my sweet cottage, “Amazing Grace”, named for the “Walt Disney-like” manifestation that it is…on an island off the coast of Maine.

My constant companions and 4-legged master teachers are Phineas, my bull mastiff pup and Miss Kitty. I am surrounded by the beauty of the sea and forests and a beloved community.

I delight in offering ideas to others about how to become conscious, deliberate creators in their lives. We can co-create in person, by phone or email consultations!  I also do various forms of body and energy work, as well as offer vibrational healing support through the use of flower essences, crystal chakra singing bowls, and various relaxation exercises.  I am also a distributor for the Amethyst BioMat, which is a leading-edge, FDA-approved, vibrational healing medical device that I passionately wish everyone to know about!  I am available for private and group experiences.  Please feel free to be in touch. All is very well! And...

Blessings Abound!  :-)

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