Saturday, February 18, 2012


My purpose in writing this blog is to help you remember that you are a magnificent, vibrational, electromagnetic Being…not just the hunk of flesh and bones and blood that you might think you are!

Not only that! I also want to remind you that who you really are is a PHYSICAL EXTENSION OF ETERNAL, SOURCE-LEVEL PURE POSITIVE ENERGY! We really are spiritual beings who have come to create a physical experience!

And…you’ve come into this leading edge physical time/space reality (planet Earth) to be a deliberate creator of anything you want to be, or do or have! Why? For the sheer joy that comes from growing, expanding, and becoming more. have come fully equipped for the job! You have a POWERFUL MIND and POWERFUL EMOTIONS!


This idea has been around for several decades now, but most of us do not really understand what it means or the mechanisms involved in becoming a deliberate creator of our own experience. Others don’t like the idea at all because they look at certain aspects of their lives, like illness, or not having enough money, or fulfilling relationships or their work, and conclude that they never would have intentionally created THAT for themselves! 

What IS true is that, because we don’t remember or understand that we are vibrational, electromagnetic, energetic beings, (the larger part of us remains Non-physical, even while we are in these bodies!) we mostly create by default instead of deliberately! "By default"...I mean that things that we want or don't want come into our experience but we are not aware of the part we played in creating those experiences.  Becoming aware of how powerful your thoughts and especially, your feelings about your thoughts are, will enable you to Change your Frequency which will Change your Life!

So…for those of you who are hungry for more…for those who have been wanting to know and understand the energetic mechanisms and laws that govern this Universe and the creative process and why things are the way they are here on the physical plane, this is manna straight from heaven! It IS the Song of Joy! It IS Glad Tidings! It IS Good News! But…you have to be ready to hear it, because it’s so BIG! bigger than BIG! HUGE!… and joy-filled, high, high, high frequency ideas!

An Interactive Blog!

So, I'm hoping to post frequently!  If you're interested, please come visit and feel free to leave me any comments or questions you might have!  I promise I will offer an answer as soon as I can!  Your comments and questions will stimulate the flow of ideas through me and then we will truly be co-creating well-being and abundance together!  Fun! 

I suggest that if you are new to my blog, you take the time to read the previous posts since what I'll be sharing has a wonderfully logical and reasonable sequence which builds on one idea after another.  Also, I plan to offer personal anecdotes from my own daily practice of the information I'm sharing!  I invite you to do the same!  That way, we'll all be supporting each other in this glorious adventure of Changing our Frequency and Changing our Life!

Blessings to you,
Carol  :-)

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